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Broadside ballad entitled 'Tommy's Got the Money'



Words and Patter by ALEX. MELVILLE, Music by SAM TUTE,
Sung with great success by W. F. FRAME.

Copies of this Popular Song can always be had at the Poet's Box,

I niver wis so happy the days o' my life,         
It no' because that I hav' got a ducky o'         
a wife;
It's a' because ma' uncle deed tae mak' the
matter clear,
An' left me?a fortin' o' twa hunner pou-
nds a year.

Spoken?I niver was so happy 'since the day
ma mither-in-law sat down on a fish hook as?
whin I recived the news that ma Uncle had left
me 200 pounds. I got a new rig-oot, at 13s &6d,
an' then gaed doon the see ma dove Sairah Square-
face. A gran' singer is Sairah. She wis singin'
"Flora Macdonald's Lement" whin: I went in, an'
it wia the mist lamentable thing ever I heard a'
ma life, Johnnie Bluelugs wis there an' a' ? h's
an "airn grinder." an' Sairah's mither wis there
tae. she axed me whin I was gaun tae marry her
dochter, weel says I, say a fortnight; ye re in a
hurry, says the auld wife, may be, says I; but
whit way due ye want tae be marred in a fort-
nicht? On, says I just because?


Tomny's got the money he will cut a dash
Tommy very funny when he's got the
ready cash,
Tommy Twin has got the tin, he'll spend
it never fear,
An' be a ladies' masher on twa hunner
younds a year.

Noo whin ma cronies heard the news they
crooded roon wi' joy,
An' each yin shouted, Tommy you   are
the lucky boy,
They wanted me   tae start a spree, an'
stauu' the Ginger Beer,
For a fellow should ply-aff that his twa
huuner pounds a year.

Spoken.? I took Sairah doon the watter tae
Whiteinch in the penny farry, then for a trip in
the underground railway. Min d'ye yen I nearly
got inta a bathter in the train. Ye see there wis
snither man an his wife in the same compartment

as we were in. Weel, whenever the train rushed
intae the tunnel. thinks I, noos the time fur a
kiss at Sairah, an' I didna' kiss her yince, but
20 times, I wis winnerin' hoo she didna' kiss in
ruturn whin behold the train rushed intae broad
daylicht and there?there I discovered that I
had been kissin' anither man's wife a' the time.
But she wisna' offend d, not a bit. I really think
yon wumman hidna' got a kiss since the day she
wis mairret But I kissed Sariah a' the same.
I gead her a Garter's kiss twa dabs on the chin
and a bite at her rose A carrter ye ken when
he's kissin' his las jist gangs ower her face like
a penter ower a sngboard. Oh, Sariah is the
nicest lass aver I had, au' I only had 95. I'm
I muan mairry her sain an' its a because?

I mean tae marry Sairah, an get awa' frae
Perhaps I'll buy a ferry bo it, perhaps I'll
buy a farm,
But onyway ye may depend I'll no gang
on the beer,
For a couple cou'd leeve happy on cwa
hunner pounds a year.

Spoken. - -I'm thinkin' ony couple could leeve
happy on 200 poud is a year. So he w ives disn'a
get twa pounds a year let alone twa hunner.
It seems tae be a comman maxim wi' men?' If
you keep me in mea I'll keep you in misery"
an' some o' the kin lae on it taep rfection
As the poet says?Whin poverty comes in at the
door, love flees oot at the windy, an' sometimes
the man does among wi't. I'm a poet masel' ye
ken I yince w ote a poem entitled?' See the
Poor Sailon in a shirt on fire, ' but the infernal
compositer set it up?' see the Poor Sailor wi'
his shiet on tire." But I wis servin wi' auld
M Lintock, the farmer, an' at the en' o' the first
mounth there wis hae money ; at the en' o the
Second there wis jist the same amount; at the en'
o' the third there was nae spondoolicks. So I
goes up an'says I, Mr Lintock, my wages aie
aguld bit a hin. Oh i,says he, but they're laye
rinnid' forrit, that I'm afraid i'll never mee up
on them, sie I'm awa,'. Whaur are gaun,
says he. Hame says I. Wait way, says he
Jist because?Oh.


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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: RB.m.143(055)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Tommy's Got the Money'
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