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Broadside ballads entitled 'The Moon is Out Tonight Love' and 'Mother Take Me Home Again'


is out to-night Love

THE moon is out to-night love,
Floating thro' the sky,
Little stars are laughing,
As she passes by ;
All the little songsters
Sing a merry tune,
Happy as they can be,
Singing to the moon,
Clouds with silver lining,
Waiting in the sky,
Waiting for to pass them,
Kitty, so am I,
For I've come to meet you,
With a happy smile,
To tell you how I love you,
Sitting on the stile,
The moon is out to-night, love,
Meet me with a smile,
I've something sweet to tell you,
Sitting on the stile,
Kiss me when you meet me,
Kitty of the glen ;
And when I go to leave you,
I'll give it back again.
The moon is out to night love,
All the roses blush,
When the gentle night winds
Tell the birds to hush ;
For I want to listen,
For a merry voice,
Whose ev'ry note is music,
And makes my heart rejoice.
Kitty I am watching,
Watcling now to see,
Some one like a fairy,
Coming towards me ;
Ah ! the little angel,
Coming once again,
I've a kiss of true love
For Kitty of the glen.




Mother all alone to night,
I have sat and thought of thee,
Thinking I could hear your voice,
Gentle as it used to be;
When I think of those bright days,
The bitter tears will fall like rain
My heart then calls for home & thee
Mother take me home again.


There is no place on earth like home,
There my heart will e'er remain,
Away from thee no more I'll roam,
Mother take me home again.

Can I think when gathered round,
That bright hearth at prayer,
How you rocked me in your arms,
And soothed away my childish cares
Dear mother I am still thy child,
Thy image on my heart remains,
I long to see your loving face-
Mother take me home again.

Years have passed dear mother how
Since from home I strayed away,
In fancy I can hear thy voice
Bidding me with you to stay :
But I trusted one who vowed
His love for me would e'er remain
But by him I was deceived-
Mother take me home again.

Kitty of the GIen

Oh ! come and sit beside me,
For Kitty I love the;
And let me hear thy sweet voice
Resound the same to me,
For time it pass's swiftly,
And just one little turn,
I may be call'd away love
And never may return ;
But thy image will for-ever,
Before my eyes be seen,
Like the moon, and stars, above
With their silvery stream;
Now thou art beside me---
Whispering once again,
In thy heart there's true love
Sweet Kitty of the glen.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: RB.m.143(044)
Broadside ballads entitled 'The Moon is Out Tonight Love' and 'Mother Take Me Home Again'
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