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Broadside ballad entitled 'Huzzah for Aytoun'



A New Song.

TUNE?The Arethusa.

Come all Reformers brave and free,
All honest men come join with me,
And pitch your voice on the highest key,
To sins?Huzza for Aytoun !
He's a Reformer tried and true,
As ere stood forth to public view;
        And before all eyes
        And without disguise,
The naked truth he plainly tells?
And allows the people to judge for themselves?
        Huzzah for honest Aytoun!

He tells us plainly he's not rich,
Yet for places, pensions, and all sich,
Sooner than take he'd work in a ditch?
      Huzzah again for Aytoun!
And if there's a Whig that would do the some,
I for one would be glad to hear his name;
        For look at the tricks
        Of the Whig Year six,
And you'll see that as the curse of the public Purse,
Though the Tories are bad the Whigs are worse?
    How different they from Aytoun !

And truly we need not go back so far
Plainly to see what these Whigs are,
For look at him of the English bar
    That's set up against Aytoun !
Aytoun himself would hardly grudge      
To pay an honest working Judge,
        But a Job ? so base
        Is such a disgrace,
That I wonder the Man can show his face
In the public streets of his native place,
    Much less contend with Aytoun !

Here's bottom, too, who for Leith would sit,
Heavy in person as in wit?
I greatly fear he must submit
    To be exposed by Aytoun :
And Bottom, when he's thus laid bare,
Will doubtless make his voters stare,
        When they learn with surprise
        The cause of his size;
How through his whole life he's been fed from the Pipe +
Till now, at last, he fully is ripe
    For the fearless hand of Aytoun !

The Whigs may hatch a nest of lies
Should danger to a friend arise,
And bid us not believe our eyes?
    Not so with honest Aytoun !
For he, though be should stand alone,
Will never, like a Coward, disown
        The gloomy array
        Of that sad day
When to the King's Park we went our way,
With banners unfurl'd, which, come what may,
    Will never be denied by Aytoun.

Gibson and Co. in close divan,
May organise some new Whig plan,
All to pull down the People's Man,
    Yet the People will have Aytoun !
Each new " Whig clause" will prove in vain
While Aytoun in our heart shall reign ;
        For he shall be sent
        To the new Parliament,
And vote for Reform to any extent,
So that many shall learn, to their cost, what is meant
    When we cry, 'Huzzah for Aytoun m!'

* It is well known, that the year 1806, during which the Whigs were in
power, was distinguished by a greater quantity of vile political JOBS
than any other period of equal lengh in British History.

? It can be necessary to state here the History of the late infamious Ex-
chequer Job, in favour or the Honourable James Abercromby. It is gen-
erally known in this city, and duly appreciated.

? It is perhaps not generally known, that John Archibald Murray, Esq.
commonly called B??, a Whig Reformer, and a sworn rnrmy of
sinecures, has held, for almost half a century, the valuable sinecure of
CLERK TO THE PIPe, an office conferred on him by that staunch Reformer,
the late Lord Melville.

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Likely date of publication: 1810-1830   shelfmark: RB.m.143(037)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Huzzah for Aytoun'
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