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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Great Gathering in Glasgow Green, Wednesday, October 29, 1834'


The Great Gathering in Glasgow Green,





AIR?" Scots wha hae wi' Wallace bled."

HAIL ! Glasgow, freedom's chosen seat!
Hail to thy great heart-stirring fete !
Proud banners fly?drums proudly beat?
To hail bright liberty!
Hail to thy sons and daughters fair!
Pure loveliness and zeal were there,
The soul of Moore without compare?
Of ardent chivalry !

Oh ! Glasgow's daughters, glad and good,
Moulded in beauty's witching mood,
Like angels on the Green ye stood?
Fair guests from heav'n serene !
And Glasgow's lions, bold and free,
Ye men of Knox, and of M'Crie,
Ye planted freedom's sacred tree
That day upon the Green!

There were you met with souls on high,
Your beauteous ensigns deck'd the sky,
Scar'd tyranny flew wildly by,
With terror in his eye.
Then hail to thee, firm sons of might,
Girded for freedom's god-like fight,
You have the will?you have the right,
To work out liberty.

Saw ye it not light on the peak,
O' the heaven-struck obelisk*?pale and sleek,
'Twas Nelson's Spirit, 'rous'd to wreak
Vengeance on tyranny !
I saw it hov'ring o'er the throng,
Yon fleecy cloud bore it along,
And ransom'd spirits join'd in song,
And soul-bright harmony.

Lo ! when their shouts did strike the sky,
Methought time heaved her parting sigh,
And that I stood heaven's high gates nigh
My spirit bathed in joy !   
" The day will come"?-?'tis now at hand,
When o'er this broad and uproused land,
Foul deeds shall die?truth shall command
The portals of posterity.

In blood-red wine I proudly toast,
Success to Glasgow, freemen's boast?
That ne'er on stormy seas she 's tost,
But " flourish" happily!
And Glasgow's fair shall " bear the bell,"
Their praises mind and soul will tell,
Their young hearts dance in freedom's swell,
And flutter lovingly.

Dark despots tremble at thy call,
Etherial burst of life to all,
Down they shall totter, headlong fall,
To lowest infamy.
Glasgow ! if e'er in civil strife
The peasant seize the dastard knife,
To thee we'll cling for hope and life,      
Thou city of the free.

Should e'er the mad demoniac will
Of despots seek thy blood to spill,
The soul of Bruce rejoices still,
Rejoices in thy might!
We'll nail our flag to freedom's tree,
Let cowards tremble?let them flee,
Full forth rush we?in happy glee,
And dare them to the fight!

* The Nelson obelisk was struck by lightning a few years ago.
? Le jour viendra.   Durham motto.

Price Sixpence.

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Date of publication: 1834   shelfmark: RB.m.143(018)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Great Gathering in Glasgow Green, Wednesday, October 29, 1834'
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