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Broadside regarding the last speech and confession of Margaret Anderson


    T   H   E         L A S T                        

Speech and Confession,


Margaret Anderson, who was Execut
ted at Edinburgh, on Wedensday be:
ing the Twenty 2d of April
17' 3 for the murdering of her own


SHE was Born in the Patish of Siris in the Shire of Fife, her Parents learned her
to Read the Scriptures, and gave her good Example and Exportations to live
a good Life: She confesseth she has not followed their Advice; neither did
she Honour nor Obey her Parents as she ought to have done. she confesseth to her
great Grief, That she lived in a very loose and unbecoming Manner, never desiring
to hear or to be acquainted with the Way to fear G O D ; She dose not say that
she was much inclinéd to Curling, Swearing, or telling of Lies, but she confesseth

she was very o'ten guilty of breaking the sabbath-day, and likewise Confesses her
sentence is very just, and that she all along designed to destroy that Child. She
giving an Acccout of her bringing forth a Child being a Boy upon the 27th of
December last, whose Father's Name is Robert Bready, his Father Collin Bready
Gardner; she also giving an Account. That the child's father was willing to goto
Couper, in Order to bring something to her to make her part with this Child, but
did not do it : but his Father the old Man made her to Drink off Herbs a long
Time and took blood of her that same Day she brought forth the Child. she ac-
knowledges that when the Child was Born, immediately she put bim betwixt the
Bed and the Straw under her self. And declares that this Child was Born at Blebe.

And that she many times wished she might bear it betwixt Towns, that she might

the more Conveniently destroy it . But when the time of her Delivery came, she boro
the Child in her master's House who lives in the Town of Blebo in the Parish of Ber-

ineck. She declares the Child did never Cry, nor make any lively Symptom to her
Knowledge, but her not calling for Assistance of Women as she ought to have done
on such an Occasion and putting the Child under the Chaff Bed she owns her self
Guilty of Murdering the Child ; and being asked what Sin did stare her most in the
face, her reply was. That the greatest Thing which star'd her in the Face, was,That
She committed Adultery with her own Master'a Year before she conceived with this
Child. And being asked if she desired to live any longer. she said, No :For I am
in hopes that in and through the Mecirs of her Saviour's Sufferings, she was at peaec
with her Maker; She blessed G O D, That she was not sweept out off this World
without having a Time to Repent for the most heinous Sins which she has been
guilty of.                                                                  

She owns herself to be one of the greatest Sinners on Earth and that the Parish she
came from is happy, and that the People has Reason to bless G O D that such a vile
Person is out from amongst them.                                                            

She desires all good Persons to Pray for her,and that all young Women may take an
Example by her. She is about Twenty six Years of Age.

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Date of publication: 1713   shelfmark: 6.314(29)
Broadside regarding the last speech and confession of Margaret Anderson
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