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Broadside ballad entitled 'Diana Kitty Annie Maria'


Diana Kitty Annie Maria


Copies of this highly popular song can only
the had only in the Poet's Box


T'was in the month of June, when the birds were in full tune,            
I first met a charming little creature,
Her eyes they shone as bright as the twinkling stars at night,
And a kind smile played on every feature.
I said, my dearest belle, your name to me pray tell,
For you're just about the age I admire,
She tossed her pretty head as blushingly she said
My name's Diana Kitty Annie Maria.

You should only see her feet, as she trips along the street,
She's just about the age to admire,
Such a girl is seldom seen, she's the pride of Glasgow Green,
Is my darling Diana Kitty Annie Maria.

She's the prettiest little foot, in a pretty little boot,
And a pretty little ankle, too believe me;
She's got such a pretty face, with a pretty little waist,
And she looks like a girl as won't deceive you.
No lady in the land has got a prettier hand,
And a pretty fortune left by her sire;
She's a beauty altogether, from her bonnet to boot leather,
is my darling Diana Kitty Annie Maria.

When we're in the West End Park, how the swells they all remark,                                                               
I should like to give that girl a dozen kisses,
Or, I'd give a quarter's pay to take her slick away,
For that must be the pinnacle of blisses.
Them tall soldiers in the Guards they wink so very hard,
And their manly forms most girls admire,         
But their winking games won't do for she sticks to me like glue,
Does my darling Diana Kitty Annie Maria.

I took her to a ball at the Free Trade Hall,
You should have seen her going through the Lancers,
On the light fantastic toe we round and round did go,
And we really did astonish all the dancers.
The Polka she can dance like any girl from France,
I had no idea she was such a flier-
So graceful, light, and airy, like a little flying fairy,
Is my darling Diana Kitty Annie Maria.

Single longer I won't tarry, for her I'm going to marry,
To the old parson I've been and given warning,
To make us into one, like a penny hot-cross bun,
In three weeks from next Monday morning.
With our little family how happy we shall be,
One boy and three girls we require-
For the little boy, do you see, shall be christened after me,
And the girls, Diana Kitty Annie Maria.

SONNETS, Written by the POET on the most reasonable
terms. All kinds of SCHEDULES filled up with the ut
most accuracy. In all cases the most invoilable secrecy
may be depended upon,

Saturday Morning, December 10, 1884.

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Date of publication: 1864   shelfmark: L.C.1269(172b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Diana Kitty Annie Maria'
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