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Broadsdie ballad entitled 'Robin's So Shy'




Copies of this favourite song can only be had in the

POET'S BOX, \ill\


Young Robin, my sweetheart, is handsome and fair,
His cheeks are fresh coloured and raven his hair,
My Robin is nimble and light on hit feet,
To me he's the dearest I ever did meet,

But Robin's so shy:
'Tis very distressing that Robin's so shy.

My Robin is ready and willing, I know,
To come and escort me wherever I go,
He ne'er in his life sought a kiss, it is true,
While I am quite willing to let him have two.

My Robin is gentle, so loving and kind,

But yet he's too bashful to speak out his mind,

To offer his love with true fondness to me,

And say. " My dear Mary oh ! will you have me ?"

But should he some morning, more courage command,
And say, " My dear Mary," while pressing my hand,
" Oh ! shall we be married, pray, what do you say ?"
" Yes, yes, my dear Robin, we'll marry to-day."

Letterpress Printing.

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Saturday Morning, March 9, 1867.

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Date of publication: 1867   shelfmark: L.C.1269(158b)
Broadsdie ballad entitled 'Robin's So Shy'
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