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Broadside concerning the murder of Jannet Stewart


An account of a bloody and, barbarous murder which was com*
mitted on the body of Jannet Stewart daughter of john
Stewart farmer in the parish of Scoon in Perthshire by Duncan
M Intyre his fervant, who cut her throat from ear to ear she
being with child to him who was apprehended and sent
to prison.

LAMentab'e it is to hear of so
many persons in a land of light,
where the gospel is preached   in
its purity, and where all in general
are taught to read the divine law where
it is sid," Whosoever " shedteth
man's blood by man shall his " be shed "!

Tne following account of the earth be-
ing again wet with human blood ; is not
only a strong proof of the depraved nature
which nun is poss ssed of, but is alto a
proof of a declining age of people who are
not seeking after godhness, but are giving
Way to divers lust following the imagina-
tion of their own corrupt hearts; yea say-
ing as would appear by their actions, That
there not a God to judge, not a devil
to torment, bur at death, their spirits like
unto he brute beasts goeth downward
witn their bodies, and so death is an eter-
nal sleep.

This tragical scene happened on Thursday
the 14 th of July and little did the young
woman think   when she    yielded    to his
carnal andlustful defires that he at the time
pretended such love, should at the last
de her murberer. but so it happened

Joan Stewart farmer in the parish of
Scoon   having some time ago hired for a
man servant, one Duncan M lntyre who
according to agreement entered home to
his service.   into which he had nor been
long until he made   courtship   to Jannet
   Stewart one of his master's   daughters, a
promising young woman, who soon by his
deluding tongue and fair speeches was in
terms of marriage decoyed to yield her
body to his lustful desires, by which action
she fell with child.    No sooner had she in-
formed him of   the conseqnence, and put
him in remembrance of what he had   pro-
mised than he immediate [ ] medicine from him
Which would Cause an abortion, at the same
time persuading and   assuring her that he
would marry her.Many was the slaver
ing words he made use of to persuade her
to commit so unnatural an action and so
heinous a sin in the sight of God.

He now seeing that what he had pro-   


posed was not agreeable to her came at last
to a resolution within himself to take her
life, which he afterwards put in execution
and that in the following barbarous man-
ner upon Thursday the 14 th of July

About the disk of the evening he advis-
ed her to walk with him a little way from
the house unto the side of some planting,
where the mightconverse together and ap-
point the marriage day unto which he con-
sented not dreaming of danger, but ah! no
sooner were they at the appointed place
then the bloody villain in place of talking
of love, he with an arm strenghtened by
rage drew a knife from his pocket, and
before the innocent beauty could escape
his barbarous cruelty, for in an instant he
cut her throat from ear to ear then threw
her body into a ditch which was at the side
of the planting.

No sooner had he performed this bloody
action than the seducer leaving him with a
smile his conscience was awakened, and,
the smoke of the innocent blood which he
had shed ascending to him. than he cried
aloud, and furiously threw from him the
knife which was in his hand with which he
had done the deed, and stood moorionless,
stupified with horror for some time while
the cold sweat ran from his trembling me-
mbers, then, to his suprise in the midst of
his horror he being heard crying and ob-
served standing in so desperate a condition
by two persons who at the time were pas-,
sing by, he was siezed the thinking be was
a madman but no sooner had the laid
bold on him than on looking into the ditch
the beheld the bleeding fair which
they no sooner beheld than the more,
firmly laid hold of him, telling he was the
murderer, which he confessed which he
had no sooner done, the carried him
before a Justice, who upon his confession
ordered himto jail, where he is to ly []o
stand trial.

Thus he who is over all blessed forever

will not suffer   the sheding of innocent

blood to pass unpunished for he hath said

Vengeance is mine and I will repay.''

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Probable date published: 1803-   shelfmark: 6.365(096)
Broadside concerning the murder of Jannet Stewart
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