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Broadside regarding William Sankey




THAT every Evangelical is a Heretic ;'---" All the Ministers have no commission from God ;"?" They
rt accursed ;"?and " All the churches are Synagogues of Satan."?In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
he Son of the Living God, you, WILLIAM SANKEY, are commanded to show your commission, and
rove it by the signs. By the Word of the God of Truth, you are proved to be an Antichrist,?a False Pro-
het,? a Deceiver of the People. Like Elijah, we call upon our God, and wait to see if the Wafer God
ou teach, and worship in your mystery of " transubstantiation," can assist you in the execution of your
ommission. The Living God is " the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever." " The Sankites" turn round
pon the Evangelicals, and say, " Show us your signs."

" These signs shall follow them that believe."?Mark xvi. 17.

Five signs the Lord of Glory gives,
To know believers true,
You System-Makers, and Wild Men,
Do these belong to you ?
The serpents' poison is his lies,
And heresies profane;
O! What a " deadly" potion these !
More murderous than Cain.
No child elect, who drinks such cup,
Can by the poison die!
Amazing fact!    But tried and proved !
Glory to God on high !
Who are the " Serpents" Jesus means ?
Christ's exposition see:
" Blind Guides !" " Hypocritical Men 1"
" The Scribe and Pharisee !"?Matt, xxiii. 33.
The Lord's believers, " Take them up"
Their dark designs disclose;
Without the aid of learned tongues,
They triumph o'er such foes.

" Effectual, believing prayer,"
Can cast the devil out;
For heresies in souls of men,
Is Satan without doubt.
The learned tongues of Greece and Rome,
To gab, is nothing " new ;"
Pure gospel, sense end truth, " New tongues !"
Spoken, alas! by few!
When years of sickness tried their faith,
With hands on Christ's dear name,
When men and means could give no cure,
This sign by faith they claim.
Yes, and the hand that writes these lines,
Declares that this is true ;
Lord Jesus ! Faithful Witness thou !
For this fact I appeal to you !
The signs in Mark do follow still,
Jesus ! Thy words do stand !
Jerus'lem's " devils" and " the tongues,"
Metamorphos'd in our land!

The Evangelicals turn round upon the " Jesuits, or Sankites," and ask, " re are your signs ?"

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside regarding William Sankey
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