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Broadside entitled 'Copy of a Surgeon's Billl'



Cutting off your right arm, and repairing and         }         1   12    0
settting the same below the left shoulder,            }
Three new fingers to your left hand,       -       -                  0   15    0
A new foot to your left leg,       -       -       -       -            1   13    0
Taking out three of your old ribs and putting            }               6   13    0
in three new ones, and new fleshing the side,           }
Taking out your guts,   washing and   turning         }
and putting them in again.                                 }               4    14   4
Filling your old bones with hog's marrow,          -                  3    13   6
Filling your veins with goat's blood,-        -                3    12   0         
Mending your skull, putting in some ass's         }
brains, altering your face and   repairing your           }                 5    13    7
nose,                                                                  }
A new tongue, new laying the roof of your mouth }                 2    4    6
and washing the same,   being in bad repair,         }
A new eye, and brightening the other,         -         -            4    1    7
Cleaning the foul parts of your heart,         -         -         1    3      7
Rubbing up your bad memory, and sundry re-         }             1    17   2
pairs done to your person,                                 }
A new cheek and mending your windpipe, -         -         8    14   6
A complete set of new lungs, placing them, and }
sundry repairs done to your person,                    }               5    8    0
EDINBURGH,                  }                                  .
MAY 30, 1826.               } A true Copy.             L.         46   16    3


Having seized on the unfortunate man, the following is a
catalogue of his effects, which will be sold by auction, by WILLIAM
NEVERSELL, on Monday the 33d of the month, at 10 o'Clock,
in the afternoon:"?A copper cart saddle, a leather hand saw,
two woollen frying pans, and a glass wheel barrow, three pair of
pea straw breeches, and a china bedstead with copper hangings,
a deal coal grate, a paper smoke jack, a mahogany poker, and a
pair of gauze bellows, a worsted tea kettle, an iron feather bed,
nine pair of brass boots, and a steel nightcap.


A fine double breasted beck-skin wig with sleeves, a superfine
pewter waistcoat, an excellent calimanco hog-trough, a dog-skin
warming pan, a pewter looking-glass, and a leather mattock,
three silk hog yokes, a pinchbeck swil tub, a pair of muslin milk
paiis, a wove leather hatchet, a pair of excellent pewter pudding-
bags, a dimity coal shovel, three satin chamber pots, a wooden
timber chain, and a capital cast iron race horse.

For further particulars, enquire two days after the Sale.

W. Sanderson. Printer. High Street.

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Probable date published: 1830   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside entitled 'Copy of a Surgeon's Billl'
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