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Broadside ballad entitled 'Willie Winkies Testament'


Willie Winkies Testament.

To the tune of willie winkies   Forewell.

MY daddie left me geer enough,
A coulter and an old Beam   plough,
A nebbed staff and nuting Tyne,
An AngleBend with Hook and Line
With Two old Stools, a dirt House,
A Jerkinet scarce worth a Lnte;
With an old Pot that wants the Lug,
A spurtle and a sowen Mug,
A Hampen Heckle,and a Mell
A tarr horn and a weathers bell.
a Matchlock and an old peet creil
With the spaiks of our spinning wheel
A pair of branks yea and striddle,
with our old brunt and broken laddle,
A Whang belt and a Sniffel bit,
Chear up my Bairns and Dance a fi',
A flalling Staff and a Wooden speet
with an old chirn and a holl in it.
Yearn winnels and a Reel,
with a fetter lock and trump of steel
A Whissel, and a Ram horn spoon
with an old pair of clou[ ]rd shoon

A wooden Spade and a gleg shear
A bonnet for my bairns to weer

a Timber Tongs and a broken craddle
with a pallien   0f an old cart sabdle,
a gullie Knife, and an Horse Wand,
With a mitten for the Left Hand,
With an old broken pan of Brass,
And an old Sark that wants the arse,
wich an old Band and a hodding How
and I hope my Bairns ye're all well now;
Oft have I born you on my back,
with all this rif raf on my back,
and it was all for want of geer.
That gart me steall the parsons Mare,
But now my bairns what ails you now
For ye have naigs enough to plow,
And hose and shoon fit for your feet.
chear up my Bairns , and do not greet.
Then with my self I did Advise,
my daddies geer for to comprise,
Some Neighbours I cald in to see,
what geer my Daddie he left me,
They sat Three Quarters of a Year,
comprising of my Daddies geer.
And when they had   given oll their votes
Twas scarcely all worth font pound Scots
F I N I S,

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Probable date published: 1701-   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(113)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Willie Winkies Testament'
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