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Broadside entitled 'A Short Satyre on that Native of the Universe, the Albanian Animal'



On that

Native: of the Universe,


Albanian Animal,

Author of the New-year's Gift, or Scots Poem upon the Union,

SIR, 'mong your Gifts your Candour's not the least,

    In that you thus profess you are a Beast:

Albanian Animal shall be thy Name

From hence forth in the Registers of Fame,

And you're entitled both in Prose and Verse

An elder Native of theUniverse.

Your Title modestly does thus contain

To save your Reader fruitless Toil and Pain.

Thou hast been grazing sure, among the Flock,

When Balaam's Ass, and Ęsop's Cattel spoke.

Where have you been, or what inchanted Goal

Since that time lodg'd your base and Mungrel Soul,

Reserv'd a Curse for this our Latter time,

To hammer Alboion's Fate in Dogrel Rhime ?

O happy Vein, that soars above the Reach

Of our Capacity, and makes a Stretch

Beyond all Laws and Rules: without controul

All of a sudden Jumps from Pole to Pole!.

Reproach to Learning, and the Sacred Nine,

Whom neither Sense nor Grammer can confine:

Who maugre Nature and in Spight of Art,

Didfte'er presume to act a Poet's Part,

Thy Beastly Book be cursed as thy Fate;
Condemn'd by all, but by thy empty Pate.
Fond of thy Product and it's blasted Fame,
the Wish   May'st thou be vain to glory in thy Shame;
May all thy Actings be of Sense as free
And Nothing better lik'd be done by Thee
Excepting the last Jump from Gallow-Tree.

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Probable date published: 1707   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(087)
Broadside entitled 'A Short Satyre on that Native of the Universe, the Albanian Animal'
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