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Broadside ballad entitled 'The New Way of Jocky Blyth and Gay'


The new way of
JOCKY Blyth and Gay,

A Song much in Request

To an Excellent new Tune.

BLyth Jockie young and gay,
Is all my hearts delight.
He's all my talk by Day,
And in my Dreams by night.
If from the Lad I be,
It's Winter then with me;
But when he's with me here,
'Tis Summer all the year.

When Jockie and I did meat
First in the shady Groves
Humbly he did me greet,
And sweetly talkt of Love.
You are the Lass said he,
That stole my heart from me,
Now ease me of my pain,
And do not me disdain.

I'm blyth when Jockie comes,
Sad when he gangs away.
'Tis night when Jockie glooms,
But when he smiles' us day.
Where're we meet I pant,
I Colour Sigh and Fant;
What Lass that would be kind,
Can better tell her mind.

He was a Bony Lad
As ever I did see,
He made my Heart so glad,
When first he Courted me,
I could not well deny,
but soon I did comply.
So Jockie promised me,
That he would faithful be.

Jockie did promise me,
That he would still be true,
But to my grief I fear,
He hath bid me adue;
Jockie and I did play,
And pass the time away,
But now he's false foresworn,
Hath left me here to Mourn.

Now Jockie hath a Love,
That is more rich than I,
He doth so cruel prove,
To shun my Company ;
And if I chance for to meet
My Jockie in the Street,
He will not stop nor stay,
But Proudly goes his way.

My heart is like to break,
Since he is so unkind,   
What course now shall I take,
To ease my troubled mind;
I sigh, I sob, I Mourn,
I dayly Rage and Burn;
But yet this Cruel he,
Laughs at my Misery.

Once in a Month he sends
A Letter unto me,
Swearing he still intends
To Love me Heartily;
Bnt when I come in place,
And do be hold his face;
He doth no notice take,
Which makes my heart to break.

Sometimes when Jockie Smils,
I think he's true to me,
But of him I'm beguil'd,
By his salle Flatterie;
But when he frowns on me,
No Comfort can I see;            
Let him be salte or kink,
He still is in my mind.      


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Probable date published: 1701   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(084)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The New Way of Jocky Blyth and Gay'
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