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Broadside entitled 'Epithalamium'



On the Auspicious Match, betwixt the Right Honourable

And the Truely Vertuous Lady,


Daughter to the Right Honourable ,   the Earl of


NOw is the time the Monarch of the Sky
Begins to drive out Dusky Shads, away;
And turns his Flaming Steeds to out Northern Cleim
And by his Light and Heat reviv's the Same.
This is the time when this Illustrious Pair
Auspiciouslie by Hymen joined are
He of a Noble Pedegree is come,
And he himself and's Race adorn the Same;
He is a Goodlie Personage and's mind
Embelish'd with choice qualities we find
His Race is matched with great Families;
Whose Merits raise them to the highest Skyes;
Her Father had High Posts, and Titles too.
Yet such as were and his worth below :
And she's a Nymph whom Venus fair doth Grace
With all the Honours of a Beautious Face,
The separat Graces in the Nymphs combine
in her, to render her almost Divine.
Good GOD! What wond'rous Pleasures will ensue,
From the Conjunction of these Matchless Two :
What Cropt may we expect from hence, when he
According to his Name MOUNT-GAME-MERRIE,
And to the Season shall both Teill and Sow,
LORD!what choice Flowers will in this GARDEN grow?
Like ALEXANDER if he mount this Sphere;
             And prove like him a Mighty Wariour here.

Sometimes the WEST and NORTH, we joyn'd may see.
In Principles, as now in Blood they be.


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shelfmark: S.302.b.2(025)
Broadside entitled 'Epithalamium'
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