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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Dreadful Voice of Fire'



          Dreadful Voice            


   F   I   R   E,

Begun at Edinburgh,   the 3d of February 1700.'            

-----------------------Quis,talia fando,

Temperet a Lachrymis ??----------??

THE Elements, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire,
Make happy Men,or sometime they conspire
A part, or in Society, to staine
The varnish't honour of Man, srail and vain,
Jamaica lacely was a dreadful Scheme,
And sad Example, of this threatning Theam;

Earth opened it's mouth, 'gainst people bad,            

(Because to Heav'n, no mouths these people had)
And, weaty of its Burden, did enclose
Them in it's hollow womb; There to disclose
The real darkness, which their Sins did love,
And En'mity against the Powers above;
For which just Heav'n   sent them a picking thence,
Like Corah, Dathan, for their sad Offence
The World was drowned last by Watter's large
Deludge; Which did it's Vials soon discharge,
Upon the Earth, scotch'd by the heat of Lust,
Which them condemn'd, not to be burnt to dust,
But from a Sea of Lust, streight to be sent
By Water, to the Pit of Punishment.
This night, the El'ements did, in strise, contand
For Umpirage, and which should most commend
Their active Vigour, to the double Senses,                  

Of Knowing Men ; when Fire (alas) Commences
A Tragick Act; which, in short to rehearse
Shall be the Scope, of this ansueing Verse.
In Rob'sons Land, 'bout Ten a Cloak at Night,
Happ'ened a Fire, soon shewing, clear and bright ;
And, in a Trice, from North-East, did o'respread,
The Fabrick whole, well covered with Lead;

And as is pincht in narrow bounds it went,

Streight for St Geils; but soon it did Repent,

And slayed at the Statue, thence did flee

North watd to th' Croce, to serve it's Luxury.

How did it Triumph 'ore the sturdy Oak ?

And did obscure fair Cynthia, by it's smoak ?

Dislodging soon the Loving Man and Wife,

The, Family and Children, without strise;

From Bubel's Tow'r them sending to the deep

Of saddest   Plight, yea some amidst their sleep,

Vulcan was now inexorable grow'n;

Nor Piety nor Riches, would he oune;

Best Gifts of Heav'n and earth he did disdain,

Threatning with blood, his Fury to maintain;

And.deaf as Adria, did neglect the Cryes,

Of rich and poor, all in deep Miseryes;

Yea did invade the day of Holy Rest,

And so the Toun, with hideous flames, molest,

He raged so, so domineered he,

As, but himself, no other God could be,

At last, by Holy Pray'rs, he was apear'd,

And then his force and cruel fury ceas'd

Hence learn ye Mortals, what 'great madness be,

To build up houses, thrice five stories high,

Or to put Trust, in any earthly Thing,

Save in Great GOD, of Heav'n and Earth the Kings

But trust in him alone, who can defend

You, from sad accidents, and dreadfull End;

And now repent, and to the Lord now turn,

Last he should you, in Flames eternal, burn.


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Date of publication: 1700   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(012)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Dreadful Voice of Fire'
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