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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Nottinghamshire Ballade'



Nottinghamshire Ballade,

An Excellent

New   S O N G,


The Intended Speech of a Famous Orator :

AN Orator was found in Nottinghamshire,
Who for his great parts was summon'd to appear
AtCourt, to give the necessary assistance there;
Whose deep Judgment and great Education then
Shin,d before the most expertest Men;
His known Zeal for his Ceuntry deserv'd a Place,
Not vi & armis, but fir bon de grace.         
The scndalons Creso thas him do defame,
Ought to be punish'd by the great Not in game;
His   Speches has been always Loyal and true
The' blacken'd by a hellish and diabolical Crew.
To Vamp up a Speech, is an idle Story,
His Oratory's Noble, and with Prior, will glory
To spend his Breath for England', Gain
Wthout insipid Eribe which he doth disdein;
And like a Finch, will tune it o're all day,
For his Gouotry's good, all deep Intrigues display.

The S P E E C H.

WHereas now I'm in no Sorrow and pain,
Because of a Peace, and like to have Spain,
Agreeable to my Sentiments, tho' Not in game
I saw no great House, as 'twas falsly reported,
Neither any Bags that was there hoarded ;
Then certain 'tis plain, no Pockets was cram'd
To stand for a Peace against Rotterdam.
My Loyalty's true, notwith standing false Story.
Who for my Country's good will oppose Whig and Tory,
And always plead for my Queen and Country's glory ,
My Principle still shall be ever the same,
Whilst I do remain yet Not in game.      
If my Relations are advanc'd to Places,
'Tis their Deserts that wins the good Graces,
Of a generous Queen that loves honest Faces.
'Tis not strange that I Should be blam'd,
By a rigid Crew that will not be asham'd
Of their fordid and base Schismatical Notions,
Enough to corrupt the Loyal with their potions.
No Peace, no Peace, is their Acclamation,
Contrary to the good of the Nation ;
What then may we think of the Schismatical Tribe,
To obtain their Ends, will not grudge to bribe,
The Devil, if possible, to gain him on their side.
I with for a Peace, but on a firm Basis,
That we may enjoy each Man his own Classis,
And drink a good health with full flowing Glasses,
To Annc our Sovereign for a good Peace,
That we in Riches nay largely increase.
Tllen may our Allies share all in the same,
Is the hearty Wishes of Not in game.

Printed in the Year   1711.

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Date of publication: 1711   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(007)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Nottinghamshire Ballade'
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