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Broadside ballad entitled 'The New Way of Bonny Jean'


The New Way of


(   I   )    The Nymph.
Loves fairest youth, in blooming May,
Stood Musing by a River Side,
Where the Bright Godde/s of the Day,
Had deck'd the Plain in Glorious Pride:
Then Laurels green crown'd bonny Jean,
And secret Flames bred Constancy;
Almighty Jove soon from above,
Fix'd Love's sweet Passions in her Eye.

(2 )
God Cupid and his Golden Rays,
With Speed towards the Fountain drew;
He at a Distance views the Blaze ;
And hopes to make it change its Hew:
Then Whispers fast with Glances past,
And Raptures slew their Breasts between,
A trembling Air did seize the Fair,
And stop'd the Course of bonny Jean.

(   3   )   
The Wreaths of Gold about her Neck,
Did with a splendid Lusture Shine,
The Christal Streams secm'd to reflect
Her Beauty that appear'd Divine :
Love's Murmurs sweet was there compleat
And Fancy was supply'd by Art;
They pop'd for Day prolonged its Ray,
And quiet'd in the Female's Heart.

(   4   )
Hyperion with Golden Care,
Did from the Eastern Ocean move,
And blustring Mars, that God of War,
In Glistening Arms approach'd the Grove:
Then Pallas Wife did first advise,
Who best affects the Charmer's Love,
If Mars, or he Apollo be,
Fit to compet with powerful Jove.

Still Cupid seem'd to fear no Harm ;
He stricks the Charmer to the Heart,
And gives her Beauty an Alarm,
To raise and act a Lover's Part:
With killing Eyes to Mar she flys,
And sets the Warlike God apart,
She leaves the Grove to follow Love,
And thanks kind Cupid for the Dart.

(   6   )
No more she'll hover o're the Plains,
Or view the Water's empty Sholds,
No more she'll ufe amongst the Swains;
That bears a Sway in Cupid's Folds;
Her Eye's a Lamp to Venus Camp,
Where soft perfuming Flames do burn
The Robs of Green dispis'd by Jean,
Are only fit for those that mourn.

Edinburgh, Printed by John Reid in Pearson's Closs, 1719.

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Date of publication: 1719   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.10(118)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The New Way of Bonny Jean'
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