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Broadside regarding Prince James, Duke of Hamilton


P   O   E   M

Upon the most potent prince James D e
of Hamilton; anent the Union, of Great Britain.

ALL You Brave Noble Man give Ear,
A Declaration You shall hear,
Of a Brave Noble Man of fame,
His Stile it is Duke Hamiltone.

For He's a Man well Lov'd with GOD,
And still He's for a firme Abode,
I hope in Heav'n His Soul shall Rest,
And be His Dwelling Place at last.

I think there's none that knows this Man,
But I am sure will wish the same,
For it is true, He is well Lov'd,
I need go not Far for to prove't.

GOD prosper Him long in this Land,
And Blese them who're at His Command,
But them who would nor Him Obey,
They are not Wise, I dare well say.

For He's a Man that knows the Right,
And Executes with His Might,
Although that others do not so,
We know His Vote is with other two.
For 'tis great Honour unto Him,
For to stand True to his Nation,
And this He does I am right sure,
His Good Works do good Withness bear.

The LORD Bless Brave Duke Hamiltoun,
For He's a Man of great Renown.
And has been Born for Scotland Good,
And under GOD He is their Head.

For He's the Head of this Nation,
Except Queen ANN that now doth Riegn,
Therefore Good People Sing and say,
GOD send Him great prosparity.

I ve heard it said both far and near,
In Scotland He's the highest peer,
And yet He is as Humble a Man.
As Mortal Flesh before can stand.

I hope that I shall hear it so,
That though the Nation it shall go,
His Worthy Wish for to be known.
Tho He be neither KING nor QUEEN

I would that I might see it true,
Then Scotland would not need to Rue,
Not would they be in such a Fear,
But Bless the Womb that did Him Bear.

Your Dukes, your Earls, your Lords, your Lairds,
I'I speak nothing to dispraise,
But amongst them all there is not one.
Like the worthy duke of Hamilton:

Now the Grace of GOD, to be his Guide,
And to surround him one every side
Good wishers all will say Amen,
And pray long let this Hero Reign.

Now all ye people up and down,
Will sing this with a merry Tune,
And for my self where ever I'go.
I'le sing this song for ought I know.

Edinburgh   printed Feb. 1707.

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Probable date published: 1707   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.10(088)
Broadside regarding Prince James, Duke of Hamilton
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