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Broadside ballad entitled 'His Grace the Great Duke of Argyl's Welcom to Scotland'


HIS GRACE The Great Duke of A R G Y L'S
Welcom to SCOTLAND
OR THE Scots Mens great For and Edinburghs great Glory, for the safe Arrival of that Nobel
Peer, with his Royal Consort, &c.

To the Tnne of the Drums and the Trumpets Commands me from Shoar.

SC O T L AN D Rejoyce, with a chearfull Smile
and Drink a fall Glass to the Duke of ARGYLE
He Feights for our Church and Cause to maintain,
The Clouds is dispel'd he's in Scotland again.
with Fa la la la fa la la la fa la la la la la la la la,


For Conduct and Courage, ther's few can Excell,
The Noble bold Champion the Duke of ARGYLE,
In hot firy Battles where Thonsands were slain,
Let Scotland rejoice since he's safe come again.
Fa, la, &c.

Tho' some at Court 'gainst him was for a while,
The great Noble Pillar JOHN Duke of ARGYLE,
Let all Scotland Sing, since that Noble Swain
Is come in great Friendship to Scotland again,
Fa la, &c.


All true Hearted Scots Men where ever you dwell
You owe Love to his Grace, the great Duke of Argyle,
Who under GOD sav'd our Nation from Sword, Fire & splain
Now let us rejoice he's in Scotland again.
Fa, la, &c.


Old Albion's Pillar, he evermore will,
He'll Fight for our Nation with Victory still,
Therefore Since he's come let us Uza in main,      
Since our Valiant Bold General is in Scotland again.
Fa la, &c.


Tho' Some in our Nation they glad were that he,
Was quite out of Favour but now you do see,      
That Lawrals of Fame on his Brow now do smile
The Valiant brave Champion the Duke of ARGYLE.
Fa la, &c.                                                      


Among all the Campbels, give me leave to say,      
Unto this great Campbel, they all must give way,
With wit and great Wisdom, he Conducts with skill
Our Valiant bold General the Duke of ARGYLE.
Fa, la,&c.                              

November one Thousand seven Hundred Fifteen,
On the Shirrff-mure his bold Courage was seen.
Not fearing his great Noble Blood for to spill,
So valiantly fought the great Duke of ARGYLE.
    Fa la, &c.

In Flanders and Spain he still vanquisht his Foes,
With undanted Courage and right hardy Blows;
While Bullets were flying about him like Hail;
His Foes ran before the stout Duke of ARGYLE.
   Fa la &c.                  


When's Grac went couqu'ring our Foes into France
There he went wi'George our most excellent Prince;
Like Hero's bold they together did go,               
Conqu'ring all their proud Blood thirsty Foe.
    Fa la &c.


And now since come home there is none dare withstand
What Argyle thinks fit & the Prince doth command
For they're both of one Mind and soon they'l cause
The with'ring Thirstle bloom more fine than the rose
    Fa la &c.                                          


Let all Loyal Scotsmen since Englands the Rose,
Look down on the Thirttle, and Valiantly Rouse.
Pray Stand by old Albion your Rights to Maintain,
Since the Valiant ARGYL's in Scotland again,
Fa la,&c.


Old Albion he loves for it's his Design,
To stand by our Nation our Rights to maintain,
He n're will deceive us, but stand for us still.
The Valiant brave CAMPBEL the Duke of Argyle
Fa la, &c.


Now Since that he loves us let's all take a Fill,
A health to the valiant brave Duke of ARGYLE,
Wishing long Life and happiness he may obtain
Since his heroick Grace is in Scotland again,
Fa, la, &c.               F I N I S.

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Probable date published: 1719-   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.10(087)
Broadside ballad entitled 'His Grace the Great Duke of Argyl's Welcom to Scotland'
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