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Broadside entitled 'The Last Speech and Dying Words'




And dying Words,

Of Mr. John Audouin, who was executed at Dublin, on Wednesday the
29th. of May last 1718. for the Murder of his Maid Margaret Kief; at
the place of Execution he delivered the following Paper to the

IT is usual for Persons under my unfortunate Circumstance, to say
some thing on these melancholy Occasions; or at least it is expected
by most People, who come to be Witnesses of their tragical End; as I
see so many are of mine this Day ; but nevertheless I should be silent,
to the Disappointment of this Multitude, were it not for the Glory of
God, my own Justification, and a Warning to those I leave behind me,
that I think it incumbent on me, to deliver these my last Words with a
clear Conscience, and in the fulness of Truth; for this is a Time, that I
should not Lie to the Almighty, nor call him to witness a Falshood.

What have I to fear, That I should now conceal the worst Actions of
my by past Life ? or what have I to hope for, that I should dissemble
with the World, and deceave my self ? No! God forbid that I should
now provoke my Saviour, tho' I have often done it before, which has
now brought the Weights of his Judgments upon me; but as all my
Hopes, ends in his Mercy, according to his Promises to the Penitent
I hope that this Day, there will be that heavenly Joy over my Soul, as over,
a repenting Sinner, more than over Ninty and Nine just Persons, as he
himself has testified.

The Sum of which I have to say and of what is expected of me,
whether I am guilty or innocent of the Fact laid to my Charge, or not,
and for which I am brought here to die. I now, as I always did, do
declare solemnly in the Presence of God (before whom I shall soon be
judged) and do testify it here under my Hand (which I desire may be
published accordingly) and that I am entirely innocent thereof.

I sincerely forgive all my Prosecutors, Enemies and Slanderers, and
all other whatsoever, and hope, that in christian Charity, those my last
Words will meet with Credit, since I can propose no worldly Advantage
by concluding my Life with afferting a Falshood, to the Dishonour of
God, and Slander of my Neighbour.

I shall conclude with the Words of Job, the I ft Chapter and 17th
Verse, viz. Behold happy is the Man whom God correcteth; therefore
dispise not thou the Chostning of the Almighty.

                                JOHN   AUDOUIN.

Edinburgh, Re-printed in the Year M. DCC. XXVIII.

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Date of publication: 1728   shelfmark: RB.I.106(121)
Broadside entitled 'The Last Speech and Dying Words'
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