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Broadside entitled 'The Last Speech and Dying Words of Neil Cordey'




Of Neil Cordey Sentinel in the Fuziliers, who was
Execute in the Grass-Market of Edinburgh on the
25th Instant ; for Murdering John, Anderson
Coachman in the Cannongate,

I Am brought here this Day to suffer an unnatural and shameful Death, for the
horrid Crime of taking away the Life of my fellow Creature, which was oc-
casioned by my going into the Company of the Corporal and his Wife, who
were both Drunk at the Time; so being easily perswaded to sit down with
them, which is the Cause of shortning my Days, and that Day being a remarkable
Day, for I was not out of the House till I was ordered to go to the Burial of one of
my Commerads, being imployed all that Day in reading some devout French Books, and
not being very well that Day nor desireous to Drink ; so after that we went to ano-
ther House, but came Home in good Time, and drank two Pints of Ale, then I got
my Candle lighted and was going to Bed, so he and the Land-lord would have more
Drink, then went into his Room. A little after he was going to the Door, they all de-
sired him to stay in the House, but he would not, so he went and fell out with these
People, but which Way I know not, for the Land-lord and his Wife was in the Room
with me, so a little after one called me by my Name, and said there was a Man
slaughtered, so I went to the Door to see what the Matter was, and seing one of
them beating him, asked what the Matter was, and some of them said then. was an-
other of the Rascals, and that Man saying something of the Black-guard, and gave
me worse Language than the rest, likewise the Mob coming closser upon me, and he
going to assault me, I pushed at him to keep my self free from him and the Mob, but
did not think to do him any harm, but the Devil, which is always ready, did assist to
that unhappy thrust.

I was born in Ireland of honest Parents, in the County of Antrim, and was brought
up in the Faith of the Church of England, and entered the Service at 15 Years of
Age; but, Alas.! has been an unworthy Member, and acknowledges I never saw
that Man before, nor had no Malice against him, nor did design to wound him,
far less kill him, but only to keep him and the Mob off me; and does believe
some of the Mob threw him on my drawn Bayonet, and am not sensible how the
Wound was given, being in an Hurry in the midst of the Mob,and heard the Desunct
say, He has wounded me, and immediately went home to Bed, and, mounted the
Guard next Day, not expecting any Danger; and see'd the Desunct come up to my
Room a little after he had got the Wound, and said I was no the Man ; But,
Alas! I was the unhappy Instrument ; for he neither knew me nor I him, never
having seen other before.

I was married in July 15th last, to one Elizabeth Macdonald, of honest Parents
at lnverness, who has been a good Wife to me, and has contribute much to my
Spiritual Comsort in this my Extremity, and recommends her to the Conduct and
Assistance of GOD Almighty, and all his good People, she being with Child, and
far from her own Friends.

I die in perfect Peace with all Men, forgiving the World, as I expect Forgiveness
of GOD Almighty, through Jesus Christ my only Redeemer. I own the Justness
of my Sentence, and the Return of the Verdict; and the Kindness of the Judges
in giving me some little Time to prepare my self for that great Journey. Likeways
I have been very much bound to the Ministers of Edinburgh, who were not deficient
in visiting me, and assisting me with their Prayers. I likeways beg the Aid and As-
sistance of all good Christians in their Prayers to GOD for me. Unto thy Hands
O LORD I recommend my Soul and Spirit.

                                Save me O mv REDEEMER.

                                        Neil Cordey.

        EDINBURGH, Printed by Robert Brown, 1719.

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Date of publication: 1719   shelfmark: RB.I.106(116)
Broadside entitled 'The Last Speech and Dying Words of Neil Cordey'
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