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Broadside report concerning a tragic boating accident on the River Tweed between Muiross and Gallowshiels (probably Melrose and Galashiels)


A true and full                                                               


OF the sad and deplorable Accident that
happened at Muiross, where a whole
Boat full of People were drowned, con-
sisting of near 40 Men and Women,
and several Horses, by the Impetuousness
of the Wind.

THE many Accidents that at present have happened in      
this Island both in Scotland and England & even in and
about the Town of Edinburgh,   are enough to ex-
cite all Men to Repentance, considering the many
Accidents that happen every   Day,   which might
prove very instrumental to hinder us from the many Impieties and
Irregularities, that our Passions daily sabject us unto ; and our
wicked Hearts are always ready to form to our   Imagination (at
the Commission of our Crimes, always showing what is most plea-
sant) tho' Gall and Wormwood are the Upshot of most of   our                                    
Actions, which has very lately appeared in the many Robberies at
present committed, in both Town and Country ; the late unhappy
Accident at Musleburgh tho' for any   Thing yet discovered, was                        
truly accidental which brings me to this last, which is truly an
Accident very much to be lamented by all Men, and is as follows.

The Fair of Muiross happening yesterday, being the 12th Day of
November, the River Tweed being swell'd by the great Rains which
have fallen in that Country, and being likewise a great Wind, several
People came to Gallowshiels on Monday being the 11th,to endeavour
to pass at the Boat there ; in Order to be in Muiross that Night, and
ready to be at the Fair next Morning : But the Boat-man being too
covetous would not pass till a good Number of Passengers, being 40
in Number, which was too many by far for the Bulk of the Boat,
unluckily went aboard, every one taking the first Opportunity.

After they were on the Water the Wind beat very hard upon them ;
and the Country People being unacquainted,was toss'd from one side
of the Boat to the other, by which she was overwhelmed, and after-
Wards torn to Pieces by the impetuousness of the Wind : We have
no Room for inserting the Names, being rather willing to conceal
them from those who may be concerned, and concluding to wish
them the Comfort of Almighty God for their Assistance.

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Probable date published: 1720-   shelfmark: RB.l.106(039)
Broadside report concerning a tragic boating accident on the River Tweed between Muiross and Gallowshiels (probably Melrose and Galashiels)
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