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Broadside entitled 'An Exact List of the Battle of Dyesart', 1720


An Exact List of the Battle of Dyesart, which
was Fought by King Georges Forces, and the
Saltors and Suttors and Coliars, with a List

of the Killed and Wounded.

Or the furious March at the Battle of Dyesart,

UPON the Twenty eight of January,
Assembl'd our honest folk to breed a Plea
With King George's Forces,
Who wonld not let them be.
Whereof some of them were wound'd
Eighteen Men, a Sergeant and a Drum :
From them they took their Fire-locks,
And broke them on a Stone.
And away they threw their Baggonets,
Because they did much wrong,
By Killing of the Innocent,
A Woman and some Men.
The Ships came in   to Dyesart,
With a   pretty Gell   of Wind;
Thinking to carrie off our Bear,
And what Grain they could find.
But the Valiant Wives of Dyesart,
They ought to be Esteem'd,
They hasted fast into the Shoar,
Our VICTAL to Redeem.
The Lasses Skiped down the Gate,
And pass'd throw the Kirk-Yeard,
Calling where is that stinking Beast,
The Ugley Swine the Laird ?

Pitcairn with the Baillies came,
The same for to Protect,

Saying, You shall not the Victal get,

Tho' it Cost you your Neck.

The Smiths came from Peath-head,

Skiping as they had been Daft:

No Arms they had into their Hands,

But each a Timber Shaft.

Tho' it should Coast them their Neck,

They hasted fast into the Shoar,

Against them did Combine,

Nothing at all could Satisfie,
But they would Kill the Swine,
The Souters Wives they hasted down,
To their Heels they started fast,
Asking where is that Ugley Swine.
That we may get his Birce ?
But he lay fast into the Room,
While they stroak at the Door,
And never a word thate're he Spoke,
But Groaning like a Boar.
The Wives they up the Water came,
The Orders they Reject,
Each gathering Stones into their Hands,
The swine's Sty for to break.   
And then the Glasses tinkling down.
Which made a noble Sound ;
And then the Doors most hastely,
They Rashed to the Ground,
The Laird he went to Edinburgh,
Some Souldiers for to bring,
The greatest Loss of all it was,
That their he did not Stay,
Baillie Crombie called his Officers,
Their Halberts for to bring,
Saying, We will quail that Ugley Crew,
And will get our Design.
The Halberts were taken then,
And so they did them break,
And he himself esceaped well,
That they brake not his Neck.
The denty Wives of Dyesart,
Counts Pitcairns Wife but a Cow,
For wronging of their Patrioch
And holding of the Few.

EDINBURGH, Printed in the Year 1720.

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Date of publication: 1720   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(141)
Broadside entitled 'An Exact List of the Battle of Dyesart', 1720
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