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Broadside entitled 'The Last Will and Testament of Evan Morgan, to his cousin Thom Andrew'


The last Will and Testament


Evan Morgan, to his Cousin Thom


I Evan Morgan, being very sick, and
Weak,   but in perfect Health, do

    make this my last will & Testament,
and do bequeath my Estate in man-
ner and Form   following.

To my dear and near Relations, which
is to say first and formest. to my Cousin
Thom. Andrew, who I love most detelt-
ably,I give and bequeath all my Houshold
Goods in general.

Imprimis,      Twelve Dozen   of Horn
Spoons,all Silver,

Six pair of Holland Sheets, made of the
best Canvas.

Eight Silver Pewther Dishes

One Linsey-Wolsey Warming-Pan,

Two He-goats big with Kid.

Two Woollen Eel-skins.   

Twenty four Egg shells;

One Tiffany Looking-Glass.

Twelve Tin Wooden Platters.

A Box Horn Comb

One Wooden Pen-knife.

One Cork Razour.

One deep Blue. Orange Jerkin.

One Glass pair of Shoos.

One Iron Hazel Cane.

One Pair of Brass Curtains and Vallens

One Deal Feather-Bed.
Two Oaken Flock Beds.
One Earthen Chamber-pot,of fine Pewther
One Sarge suit made of good BroadCloath.

One Iron Pair of Gloves,made of Sheep.

skin .

One Wooden Hat.

One Linen   Bed-stead.

One Glass Clock,

Two Pair of Wooden Scizzars, and one
Chaffin-dish made of Ice.

All which I desire he may qnietly enjoy
without Conteruption,as being near related
to me, his Father being my Aunt, whose
Mother was Christened in a Hat, and
whose infamous Vertues were spread
through all the Welch Mountains.

Secondly,I give and bequeath unto my
Cousin Tom. All evry part and par-
cel of the things belonging to me in my
Barns and Stables: As 'I en Sheep, neither
Ews, Rams, nor Wedders

Two Female Coach Horses.

One Bull with Calf.

Two Sky-coulour'd Saddle-naggs,

Four Oxen never gelded-

One Handful and a haf of Chaff,

Twelve Pease Straws,
Two Peascod-shells,
One Bull-Cow-Calf,
Four Sucking Piggs, three   quarters
old, besides all my Poultry.
Two Ducks, which are all Geese.
Four Capons, right Cocks of the Game
One Owl, which is near Kin to me.
Three Pea-hens, of the Partidge Kind-
and a Brood of Pheasant, that are all

Also, In all my Woods and Meadows,
to my said Cousin Andrew, I give and be-
queath all the Strawberries and Black-
berries that he or his can gather between
Christmas and Fasternes-even, with all
the Hay they can make in the whole
Month of December; and all the young
Birds they find in their Nests from the
first of January to Candlemas-day,

I likewise do give and bequeath to my
Cousin Andrew, the two Mole-skins, that
hang upon my Crab Tree in St. Tafy's
Closs, with all the Crabs that he can find
under the said Tree.

I hereby also give unto him, all the
Hog's Dung in my Sty, desiring him to
make choise of it, since it lyes not in the
Power of the best Welch Man in Wales,.to
make one Mouthful of it.

Thus having settled my Goods and E-
state, I am somewhat quiet in my Mind
and am free, when I can live no, longer,
to depart this Life, and go from hence to
wait upon the good Welch King Cadwal-
leder if her can but find her out

Let not this my last Will and Testa-
ment be any ways hindered or obstructed
least my troubled Spirit should. come and
remove all the Welch Mountains, and
carry them into the Vallies of Piedmont
beyond the Sea,which will prove no small
Damage to my Native Country ; But if
this my Will and Testimony be strictly
observ'd and kept, you shall have not
only the Prayers, but the Blessings of your
dear Cousin.


Sealed and Delivered in the Pre-
sence of twenty Goates, now feed-
ing   on the pleasant   Mountains
in our Welch Territories.

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Probable period of publication: 1710-1730   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(137)
Broadside entitled 'The Last Will and Testament of Evan Morgan, to his cousin Thom Andrew'
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