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Broadside ballad entitled 'Poems to the Praise of Most of the Nobility in the Kingdom of Scotland'



To the P R A I S E of most of the NOBILITY in the Kingdom of Scotland

THE Duke of Hamilton he Rides up and down
To the Court but cannot Prevail,                  

The way is so rough, that he cannot win through

Good, Day to my Lord Lawderdale.
The Duke of Lawderdale, thinks he cannot fail,
For what he does the King Dispenees,                  

His Power he shows to his Friends and his Foes   

Good day to my good Lord of Lennox.

My Lord Duke of Lennox, is now come among us,
A Prince and a Peer in our Country,                     

The Stewarts of Race must still have the Place,      

Good Day to my good Lord of Huntly
The Marquess of Huntly in the North he plaid bouty
When he saw how Maters did Pass,
Being of the same Stock of the Duke of Norfolk

Good Day to my Good Lord of Dowglas,
The Marquess of Dowglas he is still as he was
Of his Lady does well dispense
He cares not a Plack seeing he may have a Jack

Good Day to my Lord of Montrose,
The Marquess of Mentrose his Majesty chose
To have the van of the Battle.
Like his Grandfather stout he commandeth a Troup

Good day to my Good Lord of Athol.
The Marques of Athol he's made of good Mettel,
Admireing himself for a while
But he finds that the Crown can set up and down

Good Day to the Noble Argyle.
The Earl of Argyle by Policy and Wile
The M'Cleans M' Donaids and Hersel.
He made them transact, and it was found their Own

Good day to my good Lord of Marshel,   ( Fact
The Earl of Marshel by Parcel and parcil,
Commandeth the House and apparel
He fitteth above and crieth remove

Good day to my good Lord of Erroll,
The Earl of Errol for judging a quarrel,
Is known both near and affar,
Where er'e the King Sits as Constable he is

Good day to the Earl of Mar.
The Earl of Mar, no Moto no Star,
Hes got a Regement of late,
But if the Court fail, he must needs turn his Tail,

Good day to my Lord Strathmore.
The Earl of Strathmore Kinghorn before
with his Heart he Women did Love,
But soon he did fail, for he got a burnt T?-1

Good day to mylord Panmure.
The Earl of Panmure he thinks he is sure,
To get Children is no hard task
His Ladies good Mettal, but his Worships not little

Good day to my lord Southesk,
The Earl of Soutbesk, at whom may you ask
If heel wait on the Duke to the Ferry
His Lady claims Right to Grace Lord and Knight

Good day to my Lord Quensberrie
The Earl of Queensberry he says hell not tarry
From a Cannongate Lady but Bussie,
That Lady to serve with whom heell not swerve,

Good day to my Lord Dalhoussie.
The Earl of Dalhoussie, so Trig and so Tousie,
From heland Dame has brought o're
She's Virtuous and good, yet has squized his best

Good day to my Lord Kintoir.               (Blood

The Earl of Kintoir Knight Marshel before,

He would have given all his Coyn

For a piece of Irish Beef, but he is not a Thief,

Good day to my good Lord Aboyn.
The Earl of Abon with whom shall he joyn,
Since lately a lace he hath Tint on.
Of Marriage he Tyers what is he desires,

Good day to my good Lord of Winton.
The Earl of Winton,O where shall he Find one
Ir's tedious to live alone,
She who takes him is fearless, & of her self careless

Good day to my Lord Eghntoun
The Earl of Eglinton has discussed a Chrighton,
And married again at Duncaster.
A Widows not worse nor is a dull Horse

Good Day to my Lord Finlator,
The Earl of Finlator could searcely win at her
Till he got his Phisycal Morsels,
As his Father begot him, so just was he like him.

Good Day to the Noble Lord Rothes.
The Earl of Rothes was ever still steedfast,
And evermore true to his Word,
He'll bring home a Son, and Nick Haddington,

Good day to my good Lord of Crawford,
The Earl of Crawford says Scripture hell show fort
That Jacobite Rebels should String   all
The White Stafe he lost, and a Pention it coast

Good lay to my good Lord of Melvil,
My Good Lord of Melvil, he speaks and he tells well
Of Gospel and Law has enough,
To the Court makes a start, and plays his own part

Good day to his Grace of Buckcleugh.
The Duke of Buclugh he aspires high enough
And puts the Nations all in a Hurrie,
Though a Man of renown,must needs be keept down

Good day to my good Lord of Murray,
The Earl of Murray how does he survey
To Council and Exchequer doth go,
But bet from Ham. that ever he came,
Good day to my

Lord of Lithgo.
The Earl of Lithgo he makes a brave show,
But the Battle hes not ready to dart on,
It's better expel Mistris Fox from himsell

Good day to my Lord of Dumbarton.
The Earl of Dumbarton is now discorded on,
And gone into a far Land.
It's best keep him out, when his Back is about

Good day to my Lord Dundonald.
The Ear'l of Dundonald, he's now turn'd Old ;
But still loves both Boyes and lasses,
He is wondrous for Pelf so is his Lady her self,

Good day to my good Lord of Cassels.
The Earl of Cassels no hearer of Mess is
He is gone to France all allone
His Lady goes about, and himself spaired out

Good day to my Lord Middleton.
The Earl of Middleton at Court advanced on
In Scotland of Rent not a Farding,
His Father's last Marriage was all his Miscarriage

Good day to my Lard of Kincairdin.
The Earl of Kincairdin he is now turn'd Blind,
But still goes to Hunting and Hacking,
He had better stay behind and better things Mind
Than be troubled with such things as Makine.

Printed in the Year 1678 and Reprinted 1718.

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Date of publication: 1718   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(123)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Poems to the Praise of Most of the Nobility in the Kingdom of Scotland'
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