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Broadside regarding John Treplecock


THE LAST         



Dying Words


Who was execute in the Grass-
market of Edinburgh, on Friday
the 1st of February 1723.

I Am come here, good Christians, as an Example to you all,
to beware of the horrid Crimes and Enormities I have been
guitly of ; and Wishes, that the Words of a dying Man may
have some Impression upon all those that stand by, gazing
upon me, who am now come to this Place to suffer an ignominious
and shameful Death, which my Crimes have been the first Actors of,
by first killing the inward Motions of my Conscience within me,
and then hurried me into all Manner of Wickedness ; particularly
swearing and drinking, and the abominable Sins of keeping Com-
pany with bad Women, which Sins graudually introduced them-
selves, one after another, and the wicked Heart of mine soon be-
tray'd me into by the cuning Insinuations of the Devil. Likewise,
I beseech you all, as you tender your Soul's Salvation, to beware of
prophaning the Sabbath-Day, which I have been a notoriously
Breaker of: I acknowledge the Murder for which I am to Die
but really had no Design to do any Harm to him, or any Man else
at the Time, but God's Justice still pursued me, for my many noto-
rious Transgressions, against his Laws, I had been guilty of, which
I hope God of his infinit Goodness, and Mercy will expiate by the
Blood of his blessed Son, which was shed for all Sinners.

And now Lord Jesus, who was pleased to pardon to Thief upon
the Cross, let thy Bowels of Compassion open to me, who am a-
mong the chief of Sinners: Lord Jesus receive my Soul And
then the Hangman turn'd him off the Ladder,

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Date of publication: 1723   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(093)
Broadside regarding John Treplecock
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