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Broadside regarding the murder of Mr Daroch the Dancing-Master



Last   SPEECH   and DYING    WORDS

Ancient   Baver   Officer   in Montiqu's   Regiment.          Who   was   execute at the
Iron of Perth upon the Second Day   of July 1720.      For killing 0F   Mr.
Daroch Danceing-Master.

My time being but very short in this World, it is high Time for me to prepare for the
Way I have to go. I was born in Plymouth of right honourable and creditable Parents,
who have not been neglectful to instruct me to go in the right Way. But I still being ne-
glectful of their Reproof. I am now 28 Years of Age, of which I never spent one Hour in
the Service of GOD untill just how, I being now upon the Point of Death, all my Life-
time have I spent in Wickedness, and now GOD has been pleased in His Justice to bring
we to a most shameful and untimely Death which I truly deserved long ago, But my Father
having a great Love for me did bring me by it. But altho I had escaped the Punishment of
Man, yet 1 could not escape the just Judgement of GOD, For still afterwards I continuing
in my wicked Life I being a great Sabbath-Breaker, Cuiser and Swearer, and greatly given to
the Lusts the Flesh, and I being a great Dsobeyer of my Parents, neither would I listen.
to their Reproof, which is the Cause that I now suffer for hero now, I still dreaded this
Storm that I have to bide. But I never studied to seek unto GOD that these Thing might be
prevented Oh! I have been a blind led poor miserable Sinner, never bow ing a Knee to GOD
for the riper I turned in Years I still waxed riper in in Sin and Wickedness. As for this
that I am to suffer for now, and as for him that I am to suffer for, he was an intimate Comerade of
shine, I went often times to fee his Ball where being some young Lady's, there the Devil
tempting me to fall into a Snare with them, I being often times tempting them to ly with me.
But their Master not suffering such Things which the Devil deluding me all along. I pikt a
Quarrel with Mr. Daroch the Master whereby that I might have Satisfaction of his Person,
but he not being given to Quarrels, I meeting him in the Kirk-yard of Perth then I bred a Quar-
rel with him and falling to beat him then he turns to me, where being stronger then I, he dirted
me all upon the Streets, I being not able for him in Grips, I went to make clean my Cloaths, and
he going to wash himself at a Well, I coming and finding him there, then I having a small Stik
in my Hand, I took him Over the Head he not be aware of me then turning about unto me I having
a Souldier that I hyred to bear Part with me, he being better skill'd in that Art than I. At the
two first Times he gave me a Wound in the Shoulder where I fell backward. Altho I had
the Devil in my Mind,yet he had on evil in his Mind;for he came to lift me up,but as the Souldier who
asslited me held him by the two Arms I recovering my self up upon my Feet again I being in
great Wrath against him the Devil being still in my Heart provoked me to commit the Murder
upon his Body, he not being able to defend himself. Then I thrust my Sword thorow his Breast
iustantly being laid Hands upon by the civil Law, not falling into the Hands of the military,
and being put into Prison I was found guilty of Death have received my Sentence, and now
alas I have but few Hours to live here. How shall I think to stand before the Bar of GOD
who ha spent my Time into such Wickedness, never waited upon Ordinances, nor thought
upon Death, till within 36 Hours of my Death. The Ministers of Perth took great Pairs
upon me encouraging me to seek for the Life to come, they told me to get to my Knees to
seek Mercy from GOD. But how shall I expect Mercy who have spent my Life in so
great Wickedness. Oh ! that I were to begin my L fe again; what Sort of a reformed Person
Should I be. Oh ! How would I frequent the Ordinances, still I would spend my Life in
Reacing and Prayer, I still mispent all the Sabbaths of my Life, the last.Sabbath I spent
it in Whoredome ; If such things could be that I might spend my last Sabbath in the Service
of GOD But my Hour is come, I am made a Monument to many Spectaiors. GOD did
gift me. with both Wit and Beauty, but alas I had no Grace therewith. I acknowledge my
Sentence to be just. I forgive all Persons hoping that GOD will forgive me. I pray GOD
may bless the Magistrates and Ministers of Perth likewise Mr. Darling Minister of Kinoul
and Mr. Lyon Minister of Kinphan, for these worthy Men's Prayers have not been wanting
to me.      
                            H I S P R A Y E R.

O LORD, I being now upon the Brink of Eternity, I not being worthy to live any longer upon
thy Earth, but LORD keep me from the second,and if it be thy holy and divine
Will, send I pray Thee; Thy blesseh Angels to transport my Soul to that blessed Calestial
City, and to wash me in the Blood of my Bissed Saviour tie LORD    JESUS    CHRIST, and
grant O LORD that I may enter the Gates of the heavenly Jerusalem. O that all both Young
and Old, great and sma1l would take Warning by me, and improve their Time while they may, left

the Time shall come when you shall say I have no Pleasure in them ;as I have now.   And likewise ,
Remember thy Creator in the Days of thy Youth.    I have no more to say, but into thy   Hands
do I commit my Spirit, O LORD JESUS receive my Soul.


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Date of publication: 1720   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(070)
Broadside regarding the murder of Mr Daroch the Dancing-Master
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