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Broadside entitled 'Elegy'



On the much to be lamen-
ted Death,

0   F

Lord   Alexander    Ross,
Bishop of Edinburgh.

Who departed this Life March the 2oth, 1720.

OH Cruel Death, what's thy Rage or Intent?
To robe the Church,or make in her such Rent? '
Could nothing pasify thy Rage but he,
Who was a Patron of a high Degree ?            
Is thy Ambiton never like to fall ?
Or does thou intend to Conquire all ?
Could nothing Lesser in the Church then he
Appace thy Fury, or thy Cruelty ?
Could not a smaller Member serve thy Turn,
Then robe the Church,and leave her thus to murn ?
For him who was her mighty Prope and Stay,
O! great Surprize to take him thus away.
A Reverend Father worthy of the Name
Of Bishop, for he well deserv'd the Same.
A Patriot or Miror sure was he
Of Meekness, Patience, and Humility.

Of every Vertue sure he had a Share,
And of his Reverend Brethren took a Care.
It was his Studie both by Night and Day
To Regulate their Steps, in all their Way.
The Loss of this great Man can not be told,
For to the Church he was a mighty Hold.
But who is he that will Death withstand,
That he'll not conquire with his mighty Hand ?
No Place, nor Station from him is set free,
No nor the Church in no Degree.
But happy he, who from his Sting is free,
He will enjoy his GOD to all Eternity.

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Date of publication: 1720   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(064)
Broadside entitled 'Elegy'
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