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Broadside entitled 'Elegy'


E L E G Y,

On the much to be lamen-
ted Death



Who departed this Life March the 13th, 1720.

AH!   Fatal Stroak, That from us has remov'd
A Peer, and Patriot, justly well belov'd.
By King and People, as he well deserv'd,
Because he both Unbyass'dly has served :
With Courage, and with Magnaminity,
With Popolar Aplause and Loyalty.
Most steadfast and unshaken always stood,
Firm for his Soveraign and the Peoples Good.
And his Behaviour might a Patron been,
Both Rich and Poor of him had great Esteem.
All Vertues rare in him was to be found:
And Charity with him did much abound,
The Poor and Needy he did still supply,
And always did abound in Charity.
And his great Acts will now Recorded be,
To future Ages and Posteritie,
So win his Fame for evermore endure,
For to his Country he was Firm and Sure;
Its Interest he had often in his view,
And for its sake he mighty Things did doe.
His Undertakings were both large and great,
Which justly may make us Regrate
The Loss of this great Peer of high Degree,
That fatal Death in no ways would let be ;
For there is none that from his Dart is free,
Yea Kings must Subject be to his Decree,
And he'll not spare a Monarch on a Throne,
Nor meaner Subject no not one.
All must submit unto his high Decree,
And this great Peer is not set Free
From Common Fate: Altho' that he
May Live Above to all Eternity.

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Date of publication: 1720   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(063)
Broadside entitled 'Elegy'
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