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Broadside regarding the murderer Owen Brady


                               [ Dubline May 17th 1717. ]

             A Full and True


A most Horrid, Barbarous, and Bloody MURTHER

Committed by Owen Brady a Porter,
Living in White Fryer's Lane, who
most barbarously Murther'd his own

two Children, this present Friday be-
ing May the 17th 1717.

THE Devil as a Roaring Lion goes continually about seeking whom he may De-
vore, he is constantly in his Watch, ready to seize his ungarded Prey, and to
sednce unhappy inconfiderate Men into Ever asting Ruin, and yet we Live
as if there were en Danger, we Run on Thoughtless and Secure till of a
sudden We plunge into a gulf of Woe, without the least possibility of Extricat-
ing our selves, either a blind Stupidity makes us hardned and Obdure, or Donbts
and Jealoufies cast us into Dispair, and urges us on to the Committal of the most
Horrid and Hellish Impieties, It was but last Packet we had a Tragical Account
of one Irvin who inhumanly Murdered two Innocent Boys his Scholars; without
any Provocation. And O !. Horrid this day affords a far more Barbarous and Piteous.
Tale, a Father destroying his own Offspring. Murdering his two Iunccent Daughters.

Owen Brady a Porter in White Fryer Lane, a druken Idle Fellow imagin'd his
Wife was not good, and the Devil who never is wanting to add Fuel to the Fire,
Suggested that she really was a Naught; and that the Children he had by her was
Bastards ; coming to his own Room this Morning; ( the Woman being gone out
to get something for her Childrens support ) the Eldest Child about Nine Years
Old and another about six, came Faning about the Father, and said pray Daddy give
us our Breakfast, but the Monstrous Barbarous Villain without any Provocation,
for how could two such Innocent Babes Provoke him ? Took up a Spake of a Spin-
ing Wheel and Swore he would feed them, and than with all his force beat on the
Childs Head till the Brains came out, the Younget fell on her Knees, and with
Hauds list up, and Tears in her Eyes, beged her Daddy to forgive her, and she would
ask do more Breakfast, but the bloody Monster moved with no Bowels of Compassion
left that gasping for Life, and than made at a Thrid Infant lying in the Cradle a-
bout three Quarters Old to destroy that too, but by the Cry's of the Two Children
the Neighbours came in and Prevented his devilish design of destroying thethrid Child,
and secured him I hope' for Punishment, tho' not as his Crimes deserves, and to be a
"Warning to others to give no way to Jealousy the Fiend of Hell, and to Teach us tho'
we are Poor not to distrust God's Mercy's, which are great and boundless: least he in
His Anger shou'd justly give us over to Hell and destruction.

DUBLIN Printed, and EDINBURG, R-eprinted at the Foot of the Horse Wynd,

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Date of publication: 1717   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(034i)
Broadside regarding the murderer Owen Brady
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