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Broadside entitled 'Speech'


             December 24th 1716.


And dying Words Of Serjeant Ainslie,
who was Execute in the Castle of


Written in a Letter to Us Wife and Children.

My dear Wife and Children,

IT is GOD that Worketh all and in all, who may say what doest Thou, he is Good, a
strong Hold in the Day of Truble: Beware of hard thoughts of GOD, he will
make an end, lay your Hand on your Month, plead guilty before Him, and acknow-
ledge that He is Righteous, if that he has Wrath to power forth, better suffer here than
forever, and take great care, you do not be Discontent, O there is many Promises to the
Humble, humble your selves under the mighty Hand of GOD and He shall exalt you,
the humble in Spirit shall injoy Glory, I will bear the Indignation of the LORD, because
I have finned against Him, Micah 7. 9. In all their Afflictions he was afflicted, Isa, 63.
9. When Father and Mother forsakes, then the Lord will take me up, Psal. 27, 10.
he relieveth the Fatherless and Widow, Psab   146, 9. A Father of the Fatherless and
a Judge of the Widow is GOD, in holy Habitation, if any great Person that is both able and
willing to do yon good and promiseth, you'l readily trust, think then   with whom you
have to do that has promised, he is not far from every one of you ; for in Him you Live,
and Move, and from Him you have your Being, be ashamed then to distrust, Faithfull
is He that has Promised, who also will do it, O be much in abaseing your selves, and hum-
bly beg for the Spirit of Grace and of Supplication, he has promised, and he will bring
all things to your Remembrance, and teli you all that ever you did in your Life, with-
out me ye can do nothing ( faith our Saviour) and by whom ye shall be able to do all
things, ye can have nothing but by Christ Jesus, therefore studdy to love GOD who so
much loved the World, as to give his only Begotten Son, how shall he not with him give
you all things, he bids let not your Heart be Trubled nor affraid. What's said of me by
any, your Wisdom is to keep Sillence, none knows what's betwixt them and the Grave,
Read much, O with Reverence and Desire remember whose Authority it bears, O labour
to get awefull Thoughts of the Soveraign Majesty of GOD on your Spirit, and tho ye
be in Darkness, he will give you Light, and through Patience and Comfort in the Scrip-
ture you Consolation and Hope shall abound, now the LORD bless you and the Bairns,
and derect you in all Righteousness and true Holiness, in Repentance, in Faith, Love and
in new Obedience, walking in humbleness of Mind, in Meekness and Lowliness of Spirit,
in Simplicity and Godly Sincerity,   passing the Time of your Progeny in Fear, Blameless
and Harmless without Rebuke, and Fleeing fleshly Lusts that ware against the Soul
having the fame Mind that was in Christ, that ye may be accepted.    My Brother Adam
and his Wife I Pray GOD to Bless them and all Friends, I have caused many to Murn,
the LORD give them Comfort, the Lord be gracious to Jonathan with my Blessing.   My
Dear you are wrong'd in that which some cast upon you concerning me, which is False,
If I had knowen sooner, I should declare'd more fully, for I have no Time,   and has
not the liberty of my Hands.


He was attended by the right Reverend Mr. William Mitchel and Mr. John Matheson
two of the Ministers of the City, who got a great dale of Satisfaction from him, and
prayed with him and for him, to the Satisfaction of the Spectators, and desired all the
Spectators to Pray for him.

Edinburgh Printed. 1716

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Date of publication: 1716   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(030)
Broadside entitled 'Speech'
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