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Broadside entitled 'Second Edition. Case of supposed Murder of a Child'






Full, True, and particular account of
the   apprehension   of that   unfortunate

young woman, on the charge of killing
her own intant child, which was found
dead is a coal cellar, on Friday last, in
Heward Place ; also an account of her
commitment to the Calton Jail, to await
her tried for the alleged Murder.

Taken from this day's North Briton.
Yesterday a well dressed looking woman was
brought to the Police office on a charge of having
bean concerned in the death of her female child,
which was born on the morning previous. The
wretohed creature, we are informed, had con-
cealed her pregnancy, but the body of the child
having been discovered in the coal cellar, led to
her immediate apprehension. However the guilt
at innecence of the mother may be proved, after
investigation into this mysterious affair we cannot
help considering the extreme haste on the part of
authorities in her hasty removal after delivery, as
bordering inhumanity. A watchman might have
been stationed at her resinence, at no great expence
to the public, until a decent time bad been affor-
ded for her recovery ; and we do not think, the ends
of justice or humanity will be forwarded if this
poor creatore pays the forfeit of her life to satisfy
the " law's delay," in arriving at what may per-
haps turn out to be the case of a still-born child
FURTHER PARTicULArS?We have seen the
different Edinburgh Newspapers of to day, but
none of them furnish us with any further accounts
of this lementable case. We understand that the
unfortunate young woman was a servant in one
of the Crescents in the New Town From the weak
ness of her present Situation, no examination has yet
taken place, but likely we will be able to give a
lengthened account on Monday.


(Taken from this morning's Caledonian; Mercury,
February 13.)

We understand that the article in the North
Briton of Saturday last, regarding a servant girl
who had been delivere of a child in Howard Place,
is in some respects incorrect. The Police never
heard of nor saw her till she was brought to the
head office in a carriage by order of her master
in charge of a constable.

No person, we believe, of whatever description,
is removed to the police office, if complaining,
without first being examined by the medical of-
ficer of the establishment. In the case alluded to,
very marked attention was paid to this unfortun-
ate creature, both as to proper food, bedding, and
a well heated room.

She was removed last night to the Calton Jail
for trial.

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(112)
Broadside entitled 'Second Edition. Case of supposed Murder of a Child'
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