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Broadside entitled 'A New Song, Little Frosty'



Hey, little Frosty, will ye no resign
Your office high, an' power sae fine ?
Or do you fear the cash to tine,
That ye stay sae lang i' yer corner ?

Or is't the ermine gown sae grand?
The auld cocked hat, or gouden band?
That, tho' unfit, e'en gaurs ye stand,
Sae lang up i' yer corner ?

Or is't the Kirk that keeps ye there,
To fecht it's battles strong an' sair ?
If it be this, it isna fair,
To keep ye i' the corner.

Or is't the title o' "My Lord,"?
The auld gilt mace, an' roosty sword?
The easy chair at Counil board,
That gars ye stay i' yer corner ?

Or ist' because i' the Clydesdale Bank,
Ye fain wad wi' Director's rank? ?
Tho', by the bye, ye thence did shank
An' left them in a corner.

Or tell me, Frosty, tell me true?
Is't no the siller that ye lo'e ?
If they tak that?'twill no be you,
Will stay lang i' yer corner.

Or is't because ye are, na fit,
That ye're the mair resolved to sit ?
Sae like an Ape or Cushew nit,
Stuck up into a corner.

Or is't because ye like to be,
A source o' laughter, mirth an' glee,
To mony anither chiel than me,
That ye stay in yer corner ?

Whate'er it be I dinna care ;         
But, by my troth, I'm verra sure,   
That sic a fule as you was ne'er      
Stuck up in sic a corner!                  '

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(152)
Broadside entitled 'A New Song, Little Frosty'
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