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Broadside entitled 'Mr Blair's Claim to Represent the Independent Electors of the City of Edinburgh'



Claim to Represent the Independent Electors
of the City of Edinburgh.

1.   He will support a true, thorough, safe and substantial REFORM of
every abuse in Church and State, at home and abroad.

2. He will unflinchingly advocate a strict and unsparing RETRENCH-
MENT of all superfluous expenditure, and the speediest possible abolition
of useless places, pensions and sinecures, whether in the Court of Exchequer
or any where else.

3. He will support BOROUGH REFORM, not as a Whig job, not as
a plan for throwing power into the hands of a party, but as a means of
giving the people a full and fair share and control in their municipal govern-

4. He will bring in a bill for putting an end to that odious, unjust and
partial privilege of EXEMPTION from in the Annuity Tax enjoyed by the
College of Justice, and will use every exertion to diminish and fairly distri-
bute the burdens of the people.

5. He will listen, with readiness and anxiety, to the wants and wishes,
the sufferings and exigencies, of all classes, poor or rich, enfranchised and
unenfranchised, and will devote his whole time and talents to your interests
seeking no other reward but your approbation, and fearing no other conse-
quences but your censure.

6. He will fearlessly support the cause of PEACE, and resist interven-
tion in the affairs of foreign states, and will strive to enforce a policy that
shall be truly BRITISH in all its objects, and in all its bearings.

Lastly, It seems to me no unimportant circumstance, that, while Mr
BLAIR'S principles are so free and liberal, he is supported by the most re-
spectable, the most independent, the most wealthy, and the most influential
inhabitants in Edinburgh : those persons who are your true friends, your
steady customers, patrons, and employers?to whose assistance you look in
the hour of distress and difficulty?and on whose prosperity, and good will
and free expenditure of their means among you, your own comfort and sup-
port so essentially depend.                                                   

Think, my friends, of these things ; and let the result of the poll prove
at once your good sense, your spirit, your prudence, and your independence.

                               VOTE FOR BLAIR   

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(071)
Broadside entitled 'Mr Blair's Claim to Represent the Independent Electors of the City of Edinburgh'
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