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Broadside entitled 'To the Editor of the Sunday Review'




AS I understand you are a Caledonian, it is not unlikely that an
account of our Burgh Politics may afford you some gratification. Our
Election came on yesterday; Laird D?d, the Banker, is re-elected Lord
Mayor, with general approbation.?-A. respectable South Bridge Merchant
was proposed for First Bailie ; but as he declined the honour, the choice
fell on the late " Lord D?g?l," the Ironmonger. The Nephew of a cer-
tain Reverend Gentleman, whose name stands very high in the republic of
letters, wished the Treasurership, but that was previously secured by one
more in favour. J?y W?r, made a bold push for D?n of G?d ; but
he was out-tongued by C?r's sweet-meat oratory. The Old Convener,
and Young Rapid, are made Trades Counsellors. The Deacons were pretty
cordially elected, except last year's marrow-bone and cleaver Chief, who
had shamefully demeaned himself, by subscribing a petition to the H?e of
C------s, which he knew was not consistent with truth, and which, he was
well aware, was directly contrary to the wish of his Constituents. He was
therefore grazed, (i. e. he was dismissed from office at the end of his first
year's service,) and a new one chosen in his stead. But when he found this
was to be the case, he ran off with the Clerk of the Incorporation's Return
to the Council of the Leet of Six Members, from which the new Deacon
was to be chosen, with the pitiful view of preventing a new Election al-
together for twelve months; the silly fool not dreaming that another Re-
turn could always be had from their Minute-book. But while he was in
concealment, his mother was in dreadful terror for the safety of her son ;
and therefore, after due consultation with the Commissary and Rob, the
following Handbill was stuck on every lamp-post, and even on the gates of
the Tripe-market:

" LOST OR STRAYED??A gawkey-looking Lad, wi' fair hair, a sharp
" neb, and shrivelled chin:   had on a dark coat, wi' clear buttons, and
" walks like a water-wagtail:?talks muckle about being a D------n, but
" says he is ganging to the grazing;?has a paper in his pouch, whilk
" he ca's a Leet;?frequently speaks about he and his mither's man dining
" wi' ane Sir William, and says he got a promise of being made L------d
" H------?k's,Jackall.    Whaever will secure the Callan, sae as he may
" be restored for the comfort of friends, will be rewarded to their hearts   
" satisfaction."

This had the desired effect; the Lad was found, and he and his friends
now " glory " in suffering for what they style true patriotism.

I am, Sir, &c.


Ancient Burgh, E******h, 7th October 1807.

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Probable date published: 1807   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(035)
Broadside entitled 'To the Editor of the Sunday Review'
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