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Broadside entitled 'Trial and Sentence'




An account of the trial of Allan Grant
James Kenny Stewart, Mary Muirhead
and Isabella Kerr or Gray, accused of
the Murder and Robbery of Mark Dow
Shoemaker, on the l0th of Jan. last in
Bank Street.

Monday 5th March, 1827.?-This day came on the trial, before
the High Court of Justiciary, of Allan Grant, James Kenny Stew-
art, Mary Muirhead, and Isabella Kerr or Gray, accused of the
crimes of Murder, Robbery, and Theft, aggravated in Grant's case,
by being habit and repute a thief; in so far as they, on Wednesday
night the l0th January last, or early on Thursday morning the
11th of said month, within the house then occupied by the said
James Kenny Stewart, in north Bank Street, Edinburgh, or on or
near the low passage and stairs leading up from the back of said
house to Bunk Street, wickedly and feloniously steal, and theft-
uously carry away, from the now deceased Mark Dow, shoemaker,
two ten pound notes, three five pound notes, five one pound notes;
ten shillings and sixpence, a bill of 42 sterling, a silver pencil
case, a plane tree snuff box, and a silk handkcrchief.

Also, time and place above stated, of violently, wickedly, and
feloniously attacking and assaulting the said Mark Dow,and throw-
ing him with great violence down the said stair, on the flag stones
at the foot of the stair, and dashing his head.against the wall of
the passage,by which Mr Dow's neck was dislocated, and in conse-
quence, shortly after died, and was thus murdered by the whole,
or other of them.

A Jury was accordingly empannelled, when the Prisoners de-
clarations were read.                                                

Margaret Stewart knew the prisoners, left Marshalls's in south
gray's close at 7 on Wednesday night and then met Gray, and
along with Muirhead went to Stewarts in bank street: they left
there when they met a gentleman who went back with them to
Stewart's. They had 7 gills, for which the gentleman paid, he
gave Muirhead some notes, and on Muirhead rising he collared
ner, hut she made of. The gentlemen then said he had lost a
bill. and proposed to go and seek the woman. The landlord as-
sented, and went out, when the gentleman followed, and Grant
took a light to shew them the way.

Alexander Cameron met Grant who offered to give him half-a
mutchkin in his half brothers, they went and Stewart opened
and told him to go away for he knew what had happened, and
said a deadman was found in the stair without his clothes. He
saw them burn a vest. He gave information to the police.

A great number of witnesses were called, the summary of
whose evidence fully elicited full proof of the committal of the
Robbery, in so far that under Allan Grant's head, while lying in
a bed in James Kenny's house in Bank Street, the deceased's coat,
and also his shoes under the bed ; it was likewise proven, that the
bill and sonae money which the deceased had in his possession
were found in the house. Kenny had convayed a considerable
sum of money early that morning to his mother, who gave sever-
al small sums to various people, besides purchasing several articles
of dress. To one woman she gave ten pounds, whose husband
laid it into a cellar where it was afterwards found. Several
charges of theft at a former period were proven against. Allan

After the jury were addressed by the public prosecutor, and the
council for the pannels at great length, the jury unanimously
found them guilty of the Robbery.

The Lord justice clerk, after addressing the prisouers, senten-
ced Allan Grant to be transported beyond seas for life, Kenny
Stewart for fourteen years, one of the woman for fourteen and
the other for seven years.


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Date of publication: 1827   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(76)
Broadside entitled 'Trial and Sentence'
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