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Broadside entitled 'Downfall of Socialism! Death of Robert Owen!'


Downfal of Soci-
alism! Death of
Robert Owen !

This is a curious Article on Socialism, extracted
from the Glasgow Weekly Dispatch, and the reader
cannot but be amused at the death of the Founder
of that System which is so fast falling to the
ground, that in one night the foundation gave way,
leaving the superstructure tottering in the air.

This far-famed polutionist of the female sex, de-
grader of the noble destinies of man, and contemner
of the laws of God?this insignificant personage
who vainly thought to set up the weak imagination
of his own perverted mind above the sublime pro-
vidence of an all-powerful Governor?this poor
wretch, who set himself up as the god of the hi-
deous monster known by the unappropriate title of
" Socialism"?this hoary headed sinner, we are
sorry?no we are happy to learn, by a letter from
Lincoln, died very suddenly in " the gall of bitter-
ness and the bond of iniquity" on Tuesday last.
It appears that Robert had been discussing his fa-
vourite subject with a very powerful and able an-
tagonist, on Monday, who handled the subject so
well that poor Owen left the hall in a galloping con-
sumption. After reaching his lodgings he felt the
disease rapidly gaining ground, and accordingly
sent for the parish physician, who prescribed the
following dose:?-Two grains of Humility, one
grain of Prayer, one drop of the influence of the
Spirit, mixed up with one grain of Faith, accom-
panied with copious draughts from the Fountain
of Life, This Owen considered a strong dose, but
nevertheless, being determined to be relieved from
the deadly grasp of his Social tormentor, he took
the dose, which soon did its work?its powerful
effects were soon seen in pulling down the strong-
holds of Satan and levelling Socialism in the dust.
After undergoing the most excruciating pain, as he
vomited up his hypocricy to his father-in-law,
when he imposed on him by his sanctimoniousness,
in order to secure the fortune of Mrs Owen, as he
vomited up his plans of Social wickedness, with his
abominable publications, and at last Robert Owen
the Socialist expired with the New Moral World in
his throat, and there arose Robert Owen the humble
Christian. The New Man rose and commenced
burning every book connected with the beastly
system of which he was the founder the New
Moral World he committed to the flames, rejoicing
and praising God that the day of retribrution had
arrived, that Owen the Socialist was no more, his
plans for overturning the Providence of God con-
sumed in the flames, and Socialism burned to ashes,
never to raise its guilty head.

We fondly hope our information is correct, and
that the Hall of Science blackguards will' follow
the noble example of their leader, and become dead
unto the beastly system.

Reprinted for J, M'Culloch.

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Probable date published: 1858   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(381)
Broadside entitled 'Downfall of Socialism! Death of Robert Owen!'
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