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Broadside regarding political change



BRITANNIA, based on the Commons, throwing off the Trammels of Corruption.


                        WE rejoice to unite with you in mutual congratulations over
the happy event which has this day brought us together. Scotland is now, for the first time,
in a situation which realises the aspirations of the best and most enlightened of her sons,-
SHE IS FREE ! and her freedom is founded on a rock ; for its maintenance is committed
o the virtue and intelligence of her people, from whom, we feel assured, that no earthly
power shall be able to wrest it.

For a century past every liberal Scotsman has mourned over the political condition of
his country. He has seen corruption spread its roots through all our institutions; not un-
frequently he has endured oppression, and sought justice upon the oppressor in vain; he has
seen abuses maintained which insulted reason; the public money wasted, and the public
good sacrificed to private interest ; and above all, he has seen the voice and feelings of the
people treated with habitual contempt. Whatever share of liberty or good government we
possessed in such circumstances, was held merely at the pleasure of our rulers, who never
hesitated to deprive us of the most sacred rights of Freemen, when they thought it neces-
sary to silence the complaints which their own unrighteous acts had called forth !

Fellow Citizens! a brighter day at length opens on our country. The guardianship of
our liberties is now committed to a body of Electors, too numerous and enlightened to have
any interest distinct from those of the people at large. Though few of our own number
possess the franchise, we feel assured, that our rights are safe under the protection of those
who enjoy it ; because they must share in common with us, all the benefits or evils resulting
from the wise or unwise use they make of their privilege. We cannot believe, that the
Electors of Scotland will betray or neglect their own interest, which is the same as ours-
We are confident, that men will now be returned to Parliament, who will make every effort
to enforce economy?lighten the burdens of the country?prevent useless wars?correct
abuses?extend the blessings of education, and, in a word, secure to the people all the ad-
vantages of cheap and good government. Again we offer our congratulations to our Fellow-
Citizens on this auspicious change, and on the career of prosperity, happiness, and true glory,
which it opens up to our country.

Our Nation's Bulwark ? A FREE PRESS!                                    

Printed and Distributed in the Grand Reform Jubilee procession, by the Printers of Edinburgh, August 10, 1832.

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Date published: 1832   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(301)
Broadside regarding political change
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