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Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences', Edinburgh, 1833




just published, a correct account of the Trials and
Sentences of the different prisoners that came on be-
fore the High Court of Justiciary, this day-----Four
Catholics for attempting to murder a man for being a
Protestant, at Queensferry?Janet Ferguson, for Char-
ters, for Robbery of jewels, pearls, diamonds. gold aud
silver plate, from General Sir james Gordon.

David Dobbie, a boy about 14 years of age, pleaded guilty to a
charge of housebreaking and robbery, in so far as that he entered
a stable belonging to Mrs Hamilton, residing at Bathgate. and
stealing therefrom, four empty bottles, aggravated by being habit
aud [and] repute a thief. Sentenced to 12 months in Bridewell.

Michael Gillon, Felix Higgans, or Figgans, Bernard Broadley,
and Francis M'Mannus, were charged with assaulting and striking
James M'Lucky, constable in Queensferry, to the effusion of blood
and danger of his life, in the house of the said Francis M'Man-
nis, on the morning of the twenty fifth November. M'Lucky
and his brother were the only witnesses for the Grown. The
accuser deponed that, having entered M'Mannis's honse in search
for his brother, he was attacked by the prisoner, who threw him
down and struck him with a pair of tongs. The witness could
not acconnt for this diabolical treatment.

Two exculpatory witnesses were brought forfard, who swore
diametrically opposite to what had been emitted py those called
forward by the prosecutor. The Jury retiring, returned a verdict
finding the libel not proven. The prisoner was then dismissed
from the bar.

Janet Lergnson or Charters, late in the service of Mrs Alison
Walker, or Henry, was charged with being art and part in a rob-
bery, by embezzling property consisting of pearls, precious gems,
gold aud silver plate, and valuable articles of wearing apparel,
amounting to about 5000 the property of lady Gordon, wife of
Sir James Gordon, of Gordonstone, and Litterfourie, at present
residing in Albany Street. The indictment enumerated two
hundred and 19 charges, comprising nearly a 1000 articles, and
filled eight closely printed pages.

The public is aware that Mrs Henry was brought to trial on
the same charge about three months ago, when she admitted the
charge, and was sentenced So fourteen years transportation,

The pannel pleaded not guilty. and the trial proceeded, A
number of witnesses being examined, among whom were Sir
James and Lady Gordon.

The list of the articles were read over, which oc-
copied the Court for a very considerable time, and a
great number of them were produced in Court, which
were found in the possession of the pannel, and
brought in evidence against her.

The principal articles produced was a gold ring set
with valuable jewels, and which was identified by lady

Lord Gillies   proposed that   the pannel should be
transported for 14 years.

The Jury having returned a xerdict of guilty, the prisoner was
sentenced to 14 years transportation.

Forbes & Co Printers, 171 Cowgate.

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Date of publication: 1833   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(145)
Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences', Edinburgh, 1833
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