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Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'


And Sentences.

An account of the Trials and Sen-
tences of 37 persons before the
Circuit Court at Glasgow, five of
whom, Edward M'Gaffer,Francis
Cain. Geo. Laidlaw, D. Wylie,
and Wm. Johnston, are to be
Executed on the 29th October,
and'12th November, 1823.

Glasgow, September 22, 1823.?This day the Circuit
Court of Justiciary was opened by the Lords Justice Clerk
and Hermand, and after the usual ceremonies had been
gone over, the following persons were put on trial:

Edward M'Caffer, Peter M'Queen, & Francis Cain, accused
of assaulting and robbing James Maxwell, coppersmith, of a
gold watch with a gold chain and two gold seals, a purse con-
taining eight pound notes, some silver, and his hat, on the
9th of July last, pleaded No Guilty. The prisoners were
found Guilty, and M'Gaffer and Cain were sentenced to be
Executed at Glasgow on the 29th of October next, but re-
commended to mercy. The libel was restricsed as to
M'Queen, and he was sentenced to be transported for life.

George Laidlaw and George Spittal or Spittel, charged
with breaking into the chop of Moss Solomon and Moss
Hadkin, jewellers, Nelson Street, Glasgow, on the 30th of
March last, by means of false keys, and carrying off' ten gold
watches, about fifty silver watches, about two hundred gold
seals, six dozen gold keys, about sixty gold rings, forty pairs
of gold ear-rings, one gold neck-chain, ang a great variety of
other jewellery articles, to the value of L.600 The prison-
ers were found guilty, Laidlaw was sentenced to be Execut-
ed at Glasgow, on the 29th of October next, and Spittal
having pled Guilty, was sentenced to he transported for life.

David Wylie and William Johnston, for breaking into the
house of James Herbert Rodgers, Esq. Gordon-street, and
stealing a great variety of wearing appnrel, and other articles
to the value of about L.200 Sterling ; and D. Dunsmore,
Ann Hunter or Dunsmore, John Toy, and James Ferguson,
with resetting the articles stolen. Wylie and Johnston were
found guilty of the robhery, and sentenced to be Hanged on
the 12th of November next. Dunsmore and wife 14 years
transportation. Toy 18 months hard labour in Bridewell,
and Ferguson outlawed.

W. White, .J. Paisley, Margaret Paisley, Letitia Philips,
and Mara Sinclair, theft; Paisley and his wife, 14 years
transportation;. and the rest 18 months in bridewell.

W. Boyd, H. Wilson,   and   H.   Marshall,   theft,   and J

Buchanan, and Janet .Gardner, for reset; the !he two former

14, and the two latter 7 years transportation, Wilson dismised,

P. Sinclair, A. Brown, and K.   Young,   robbery,   Sinclair

transportation for life, and the rest dismissed.

To be Transported for 14 years.-J. Reilly, for housebreak-
ing and theft in Lochwinnoch ; John Shaw, flesher, front
Greenock, for violently abusing his wife; James Redpath
plane-maker culpable homicide ; A. M'Kay. P. M'Conichie
J. Robertson, Wm. Walker, and A. Nicholson, tenters, for
pouring oil of vitriol on Wm.. Kyle ; J. Low, J. M'Dora .d,
and J. M'Manus, theft; Wm. Montgomery, theft in Green-

Mary Horn, for the murder of Janet M'Laren a deaf and

dumb woman, by striking her on the head with a large ham-
mer, in a fit of jealousy, on the 2d of August last, was found
guilty, but not with a malicious intent. To be sent to Edin-
burgh to receive sentence.

William M'Garvie, from Paisley, assault; sentenced,to be
whipped through Paisley on the 9th of October next, and
thereafter to be transported for fourteen years.

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Date published: 1823   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(47)
Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'
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