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Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'


Trials & Sentences

Of all the different Prisoners who have stood their Trials before the
Circuit Court of Justiciary, which commenced at Glasgow on Wed-
nesday the 23d April, 1823, when JAMES WlLSON
received the awful Sentence of Death, and is to be Executed on
Wednesday the 4th of June next, for Housebreaking and Theft.

Glasgow, April 23, 1823.?This day the Cir
cuit Court of Justiciary was opened here by
Lords Succoth and Gillies, and after the usu-
al proclamation had been made the Court ad-
journed, in consequence of its being his Ma-
jesty's birth day.

The criminal calender is very heavy; be-
twixt 80 and 9O persons being indicted

Thursday, the Court met at ten o'clock,
when the following prisoners were put to the

MATHEW TURNBULL accused of break
ing into the house of John Lethem, Laurieston,
Glasgow, and stealing a pocket book an L.60
sterling, pled guilty and was sentenced to be
transported beyond seas for life.

CHRIST, accused of breaking into, and rob
bing the house of Duncan Macarthur. York
Street, Glasgow, on the morning of the 11th
March last; and stealing therefrom a suit of
new black clothes, a blue coat, a pair of blue
trowsers, a brown coat, three black do two
dark do. with velvet collars, a variety of waist.
coats, several pairs of shoes, several pairs of
boots, a small dressing glass, a hat, a small
trunk, and a counterpane, pled Not Guilty.

It appeared from the evidence that they had

got in by opening a window at the back of the

house and carrying off the atricles above men-
tioned; Wilson was found Guilty, but that of
Gilchrist Not Proven.

His Lordship then addressed the prisoners
in a very feeling and impressive manner. I
have no wish, the said, to harrow up your feel.
ings; nor, after the declarations you have
made. and the courses you have been follow-
ing, can I hope that any thing I could say
will make much impression; but still a painful
and imperious duty remains to be performed.
Considering the time that has been consumed
in this trial, and the painful but persevering
labours of an intelligent Jury, you must be
satisfied that every justice has been done to

your case: the law must therefore be allowed
to take its courses; nor is there any thing in
you case, that I can perceive, which should
make it an exception to the general rule. It
is my duty, therefore to warn you James
Wilson, that you have nothing to hope from
any human tribunal?thst your only rock of
salety is the consoations of religion. A few
days must transport you into the presence of
of your Almighty Judges waste not, therefore,
I beseech you, your few remaining days in
supplicating your Prince. Look, trast to a
higher source, and there, O there may you
obtain merey Receive with gratitude. and
composure befitting your situation the visits of
those clergymen who will do all that in them
lies to awaken in your minds that cepentance
which is not to be repented of.

Wilson was then sentenced to be executed
on Wednesday the 4th day of June next, and
Gilchrist was dismissed from the Bar.
SHIELDS accused of stealing from the house
of Andrew Newiands, cartel in Ander-ton,
Glasgow, and stealing a quantity of wearing
apparel, pled Guilty and was sentenced to two
years imprisonment in Bridewell.

for breaking into the house called ' Charlie's
Stable," occupied by Nathanial Grant, a sil-
ver watch, a silver mounted snuff-box: and a
variety of other articles pled Guilty, they
were sentenced to 14 years transportation.

Peter Connacher, accused of assulting and
stabbing William Rae. pled Guilty, and was
sentenced to 12 months imprsonmen in

John M'Kenna for uttering four forged
guinea notes on the Bank of Scotland, on Sun-
day the 8th day of September last, pled
guilty, and was sentenced to 14 years tran-

John Muir Printer, Glasgow.

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Date published: 1823   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(37)
Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'
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