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Broadside entitled 'The Last Speech'


SPEECH-CRYING.-One of the most intolerable nuisances
which the citizens of Edinburgh are made to endure, is the in-
cessant bawling of speech-criers who infest the streets, and
swindle the lower orders out of their pence, by vending the
most abominable fabrications of robberies and murders. The
whole of yesterday, scores of these sturdy vagabonds were busi-
ly employed in hawking "an account of a horrid and barbarous
murder, between Glasgow and Lanark," which happened some
20 or 30 years ago, making it appear as if it had been perpetra-
ten within the last few days. Has the police no control over
such miscreants ? Is the publisher not amenable to justice ?


Confession and dying words of the Lives of John Smith, and George
Stevenson, who were Executed, at the West End of the Tolbooth
of Edinburgh, this day the 21th of January, 1807. For the
Crime of Horse Stealing.

I JOHN SMITH, aged 50 years, was born of Respectable and
honest parents, in England, who gave me an education suitable to
their station, and the mode of my country. My youth was rather
sober than otherwise. At an early period of life, I took the sacrament
in the English manner, with the erroneous idea that it would take away all sin, therefore, I then plunged into all manner of vice. The
sabbath was then profaned, and every crime almost within my reach
committed. In this manner my life was spent, until I was led to com-
mit the crime for which I now suffer. I bless God that I now see my
sins in all their horrid guilt, and place all my hope in the blood of
Christ. I am not afraid of death, but concerned for my soul. I re-
turn my thanks to those ministers and Christians, from whose instruc-
tions and prayers I have received such benefit. I commend my wife
and family to the mercy and keeping of the Father of the fatherless ;
and entreat her to bring them up in the fear of the Lord, that so we
may all meet in heaven. Amen.

I GEORGE STEVENSON aged 30 years, was born in Eng-
land and received an education rather limited. No great regard was
paid to instil into my mind the principles of morality and honesty, and
thus having no strong principle within I easily fell a prey to seduction
without. I admit the justice of the sentence for which I suffer. I
am now ready to bless God, who has given me a sight of my sins, and
who I trust has pardoned and redeemed me through the blood and me-
rits of the Lord Jesus. I heartily join with my fellow sufferer in my
thanks, to those Ministers and Christians who have attended us, and
with HIM in the most humble posture and with the most contrite heart
entreat for pardon of God for Christ sake Amen.

N.    B.    The Public, will soon be in Possession of their Dying   say-
ings, from the most Authentic' source,

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Date of publication: 1807   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(3)
Broadside entitled 'The Last Speech'
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