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Broadside elegy entitled 'On the Death of the Right Honorable James Earle of Perth, Lord Drummond and Stobhall. Elegie'


On the DEATH of




LORD Drummond, and Stobball.

E L E G I E.

Jealous I am, Mourners are scarce adayes,
Time will have Period, ere Tears dime some Eyes :
Admit the Reason never be so great,
The Signs of sorrow weareth out of date.

Awake, awaks! Oh, then dull dumpish Age,
Be no more stranger to Gries's Tragide Stage :
Implore Heav'ns may, their clouds of Rain to turn
In Showrs of Tears, t'affist dry hearts to mourn ;

More universal cause, for long time ne're
In any Age to Kingdom did appear :
When Pillars fall, the Roofs are weakned sure,
When States. men die, does it not Thrones injure ?

Ecclips'd is not the Pow'r of Majesty?
When Death blows out such Lamp of Loyalty.
Does not old Albions Lebanon decay
When such prime Cedar, thus is pluck't away:

Sad, sad, O Perth ! is the distemper that
Thy Death hath wrought into our publick State :
From Prince to Peasant, all in General
Do find thy losse so Epidemical;

Exposed to deep groanning is each heart,
In woe all strive who shal have greater part:
Admited boundles mind of all the good
In Earth or Heav'ns by souls are understood :

As sun to lesser lights doth splendor lend,
Thy Influence to Heroe's did extend :
The Mirrour of all comprehended worth,
Nobility or Honour could show forth:

Respected by the Machivals of State,
Faithful, Ingenious, Eminent, Compleat:
T'advance thy Prince, all dangers for his sake,
Ev'n in Thy Action thou did undertake,

Loved him so, when fined and confin'd
By the Usurper, again re-re-fin,d:         

Judg'd all thy Sufferings but a duty bound,
'Mongst those who fought, reward was never found.

Esteem'd by Monk, were he alive would give
This verdict, straighter Crown friend ne're did live:
From Birth to Death unstain'd, remained so;
Whils from thy grave, may Loyalties Laurels grow

One of King's restauration Instrument,
Short of no joy, then did him complement:
With contemplation, search thy matchless wayes,
Most circumspectly walked in bad dayes:

From whose rare steps, Ages to come may trace
Guides, for to follow, Kingdoms well and peace:
A changeless Son, to present Church still seen,
Religion with good works did entertain.

Prov'd the most cordial tyecould friendship binde
The best of humours, and most real kind :
Brave gen'rous spark, to Jove's society,
The Quintessence of Magnanimity:

Even unto Deserts makes the virtues moan,
They now may weep, their chiefest Lord is gone:
To Tennants, Widows, Orphans, a Disaster,
They ne're again shal find more just a Master

Rated, though inward parts, and knowledge might
Have rais'd proud thoughts, unto promotions height:
Thou did it prize to Man felicity
To be invested with humility.

Thy praise who views, write by immortal same,
Will find 'bove Perths are none that beareth Name.
A Lamentation to old Drummonds race,
Did so much glory from a Chief imbrace :

Hold, hold! to which is this relentment made,
Hath Of-spring left, does theerevive when dead:
Makes Drummonds Name, & Stobbals house renownd,
From which hath sprung eight lineal Monarchs crownd.

                                              M. M.

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Date of publication: 1675   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.76(134)
Broadside elegy entitled 'On the Death of the Right Honorable James Earle of Perth, Lord Drummond and Stobhall. Elegie'
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