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Broadside ballad entitled 'William Burke.--A New Song'



Come all you resurrection men I pray you beware.
You see what has   happened William   Burke,   and likewise
William Hare.
Hare he kept a lodging house, it was in the West Port,
Where all kinds of travellers an to it did resort
He lodged all both great and small , as she track to your [    ]   
Till at last he began to murder them, to the Doctors for to sell
The first was Margret Paterson, as I did he r them say,
A young girl in the Cannongate, that drink had led   astray
This William Burke fell in with her, and soon she did agree
With him to go, but little know that her butcher He would be.
The next was poor Daft Jamie, as I did hear them say,
That often on the streets with bairns used to play.
Ta the Fleshmarket he often did resort,
The Fleshers all being, kind to him, for with him they did good sport.
And the barkers all, both great and small, with him she   well
Although that he was void of sense, right innocent with be.
But one day as Jamie walked all along [ ] the street,
With these two body snatchers he sh[   ] for to meet,
Then Burke   showed him some   money, and said Jamie cam
And like Judas with our Savious this lamb they did slay.
They went into a silent place and got this murder done
The next was an old woman that same to seek her son.
'He was a soldier and in the Castle lay,
And Burke saw her a stranger, and soon did her betray.
He said, I keep lodgings, and come along with me.
And you shall be well used, and that you soon shall see
He showed a bed and said to her, mistress, you'll lye here,
Aud you will get soon asleep,before it be morning clear
Now she has took off all her clothes, and went into her rest,
But she little knew the serpent that was within their breast.
And now then the gathered, and soon to work they fell
And they murdered this old woman, and to doctor did her
And now they got this over, and thought that all was past,
But down come the police and taken they were at last,   
And now before the bar of Justice they did appear,
But Hare and his wife turned evidence themselves for clear.
Now Burke received his sentence, and is sent back to the Jail
Now he lies there to morn his wretched case,
And Hair should be there if right does take place.
And for these women they should be burnt for such a murder,
Never to be seen again in any town or country.
Written by John Logan !

The Committee who undertook, at Dr. Knox's request,to in-
vestigate the rumours against him, have published their Report,
signed by nine gentlemen. The Report says they have seen no
evidence that Dr. knox or his assistants knew that murder had
been committed, and believe they did not: that they are satis-
fied no suspicion was excited in Dr. KnOx's mind that they were
so ; that there were no marks upon the bodies which could lead
to such suspicion ; that no such suspicion wee ever hinted to
him; that, consequently, no attempts were made to disguise
appearances. They consider Dr- Knox culpable in entertaining
she opinion that uninterred bodies could be purchased from re-
latives; and that this opinion led him to give ear to the tales of
Burke ; and that, by the laxity of his system of receiving bo-
dies, he gave a facility to Burke and Hare, in the disposal of
their victims, which other wise would not have existed. This
they consider the only ground of censure against Dr. Knox,
None of the evidence is given.

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Likely date of publication: 1829   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.6(034)
Broadside ballad entitled 'William Burke.--A New Song'
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