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Broadside entitled 'Lines On The Gilmerton Murder'




Gilmerton Murder.

THERE was these murderers Emond, Stewart, Burk and Hare,

These men to take men's lives they did not care ;

Their victims by some means speedily dispatched away,

But the female in torture a long time did lay.

When her murderers forced their lust to fulfill,

Afterwards the wretches the body would kill ;

But the soul was far beyond these wretches' reach,

A lesson to all such heathens for to teach.

After paying some villains for a hurl in their cart,

She little knew their intentions and lustful art;

Going to Dalkeith her aged parents for to see,

She little dreamed her time was so short to be.

Let us view her exercise in all her weak power,

To keep these barbarous ruffians her body to devour;

But being overpowered by their powerful strength,

When these barbarous ruffians ran their lustful length.

See her in this deplorable and lamentable state,

Overcome by her enemies she could not Defeat;

Her thoughts and her tears being mingled together,

In these trying times none but God can deliver.

The like never happened in our native land,

Enough to make the hair of a sinner's head to stand,

And to make the blood in the veins run cold,

To hear of these barbarians committing crimes so bold.

John Cray in Gilmerton, that noble generous man,

With love as a Christian does good as he can.

To send her in safety to her father's house,

Where she would be taken care off, and receive HO abuse.

Let us imagine how her pasents' hearts did feel,

Their daughter so industrious, and one they loved so well;

When tears, no doubt, flowed from their aged eyes,

To see their mangled daughter it would them much surprise.

It pleased the Lord in short time to take her away,

Out of this wicked world no longer here to stay ;

When she is free from trouble and pain here below,

We trust her soul in safety to a better place did go.

When her persecuters and murderers are still left behind,

When the shores of trouble their way to find,

What thought can her murderers have at this time,

After committing so heinous and atrocious crime.

Detestable in the eyes of God and every good man,

That such wretches in cool blood contrived that plan ;

In that butchering manner they did her slay,

That they should be so far left to temptation to give way.

Murderer's crimes in general seldom do hide,

Although they may escape to another nation to abide,

Still they are tossed like a ship upon the ocean,

Their harsh and guilty conscience keeps them in motion.

Will ever her murderers close their eyes in sleep,

Thinking every moment the devil they will meet,

With their slain and mangled victim at their side,

Who on earth but them their trials can abide.

You fish in the rivers and oceans so deep,

Cry out amongst yourselves, mourn and weep,

Eor murders are now so common in our land,

Taking the great power out of our Maker's hand.

You animal creation in the world all around,

No such brutish cruelty amongst you is to be found ;

You feathered birds in your tribes of every kind,

To one another would not prove so unkind.

Each of you sings your praises in your own way,

To that Great Being who gives you the light of a new day,

You hills and dales which is aloft cry out,

It seems like a dark cloud hovering about.

For murders are getting so common in our land,

That trade and commerce is almost at a stand.

Let every good Christian put up a prayer,

That these crimes and murders become more rare;

That a judgment may not light on the land,

Men taking the power out of the Almighty's hand.

Edinburgh :?Printed for Robert Hodge.

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Date of publication: 1830   shelfmark: F.3.a.14(56)
Broadside entitled 'Lines On The Gilmerton Murder'
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