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Broadside entitled 'Murder. Fourth Edition. - Authentic Particulars'



A Fourth Edition, containing New and Interesting Particulars of that
most heart-rending and cruel Rape, Robbery, and Murder, of Mar-
garet Paterson, at Gutterdike near Gilmerton, on the night of Sa-
turday, the 24th of April 1830?together with a particular   and
accurate Account of the unheard of manner in which the Monsters
occasioned the death of their Victim, to the everlasting Disgrace of
Civilized Society,?and also an accurate Account and Description
of the two Men who are charged with committing this truly Fear
ful Crime, and of the Precognition taking against them by the Sheriff
of the County.?and likewise of the pious conduct of the I'll sated.
Murdered Margaret Paterson, on her Death-Bed, a few minutes
before she expired,?being a True and Faithful Account of this
Dreadful Affair, never any where published except in this paper

The unhappy victim was named Margaret Paterson,?thirty-five
years of age,?rather tall and good-looking,?and cleanly in her per-
son and habits. She was formerly a servant in Edinburgh; but for
the last twelve months she has subsisted by travelling the country,
hawking laoe. She was born at Inverness; but was brought up at
Dalkeith,?her father having been thirty-two years employed in she
gardens of the Duke of Buccleugh, and being now allowed a pension
of six shillings a week from the present Duke.               

At Gutterdike, on the property of David Anderson, of Morden, Esq-
Banker, Edinburgh, the two men forced her through a gap in the
wall, on the left or east side of the road, into a field, and there by
force, successively violated her person. After this, the ruffians ahused
their victim with most shocking and brutal barbarity.

They dreadfully lacerated her person with some sharp instrument,
supposed to have been the bone of her corsets, which was afterwards
found on the ground, stained with blood. Her scissors also, were
stained with blood. The monsters then, with unparalleled barbarity.
forced several rough stones into the body of the ill-fated woman, and
also a wisp of straw, and a quantity of leaves, horse dang, and coal [ ]

On Wednesday last, one of the stones that had been forced
into her body came away from her. On Thursday, at three o'clock
in the afternoon, she expired, after patiently enduring the greatest ago-
nies, and retaining the full possession of her£ faculties till the last

On the body being opened after death, three more stones were found
in ft, together with the other substances we have mentioned. The
stones were the ordinary rough motal put upon the roads ; and one of
them weighed three ounces. Mortification bad taken place in the
parts which were most injured; and it was found that the gall bladsler
had been ruptured.


Margaret Paterson, whose inhuman murder has excited to deep and
universal a feeling of horror in the public mind, was resigned to die,
during the short time in which she breathed under the roof of her
father, after the shocking violence inflicted on her. About five mi-
nutes before her death, her mother having entered the bed roons,
found her sorely suffering daughter engaged in prayer. The latter
motioned to her mother, with her hand, to withdraw ; and she accord-
ingly left the room, conceiving that she wished to be left alone until
she had finished her devotions, In about fire minutes afterwards, she
again went into the room, and found the sufferer a corpse!

It is not true, as was at first alleged, that David Dobie formerly
kept a coal fold in Edinburgh. Another man from Gilmerton, of the
same name, had formerly kept a coal fold, which caused the mistake.

David Dobie, now in custody, and charged with being one of the
actors in this tragical case, is a native of Gilmerton, in which he has
eonstantly resided, employing himiself as a coal carter. He is about
thirty years of age,?is married to a woman from Dalkeith, by whom
he has three children,? the youngest of whom is not a month old He
is a tall, thin, but athletic man.

John Thomson, the other man charged with being a Principal actor
in the crime, is also a native of Gilmerton and a coal carter. He is
about wenty-two years of age,?unmarried,?and resided with Dis

Neither of these men was of not riously bad character.

It is unfortunate that medical attendance was not procured for the
hapless woman until after her removal to Dalkeith, when she was at-
tended by Drs Morrison and Renton. It is said, also, that She was
not attended by any Glergyman during her mortal suffering.

It is also much to be lamented, for the sake of public justice, what
no Magistrate, or other official person, took the deposition of the dying
woman, and that it was consequently omitted to shew to her the two
prisoners, Dobie and Thomson, in order that she might either identify
them, or declare that they were not the guilty individuals.

The precognition is still going on before the Sheriff.    Several wit-
nesses have already been examined in private 5 and the amount and
tendency of their evidence has not been allowed to transpire.

Dobie. and Thomson still remain in the Lock-up-house.
Macgaret Paterson was never married. She had one illegitimate
child which is dead

When they got to Gutterdike, the two ' monsters' suddenly seined
on, and 'threw' Margaret Paterson out of the cart; and then dangged
her into the field. On examining her body after death, several black
marks were found on one of her sides, which might have been occa-
sioned by a fall, bat which, from their form, are supposed to have
been caused by the infliction of blows from some heavy and blunt
weapon, such as a carter's rack pin, or wrench.

One of the accounts is, that, when the monsters dragged their
victim into the field at Gutterdike, their horses, which were left.
waiting, during the commission of the crime, set off for home without
their drivers, and on arriving without them, the 'women folk' turned
out to look for the men, whom they found to be missing.

They found some articles stained with blood in the bottom of the
cart, and becoming alarmed, went on the road towards Edinburgh to
look for the men. After proceeding a little way they saw two men
at a distance, who ran off on perceiving the women :? and on advan-
cing a little farther, they heard the groans of poor Margaret Paterson,
and procured assistance.                                                                  

Margaret Paterson, it seems, was robbed of 3s. 6d. in money, and
several pawn tickets, as well as ravished and murdered.

Forbes & Owen Printer No.148,High Street, First Stair in the Close.

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Date of publication: 1830   shelfmark: F.3.a.14(53)
Broadside entitled 'Murder. Fourth Edition. - Authentic Particulars'
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