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Broadside entitled 'Horrid Murder'


Horrid Murder.

A Full True and Particular Account of a Cruel and
Dreadful MURDER, committed on the Bodies of
their Mother-in-law, at Gainsboro', in Lincolnshire,
on the 26th January, 1824, and who also attempt-
ed to Cut her own Throat

THE following surprising and solemn miracle attended with so
awful a judgment, will make a deep impression on the minds
of a discerning public. It displays the abhorrence of Divine pro-.
vidence, against wicked actions committed as it were in defiance of
Omnipotency. Numbers are astonished that; such a wretched wo-
man should have existence, but more when they hear the barbarous
and inhuman act of cruelty she perpetrated upon Three poor Or-
phan Children, to inherit a large property that was left them at the
death of their own father, Mr Long, an independant Gentleman, at
Gainsbro'. When he was upon his dying bed, he sent for his
three lovely children, Samuel, Sarah, and Jane, all under ten years
of age, and begged of his wife to bring them up in the fear of God,
which she faithfully promised him she would do, but shortly after
his death she became acquainted with one Mr J. B r, a young-
gentleman from the country, which soon, made her forget her pro- ?
mises, and instead of behaving to them in a motherly manner, she
was always forming a plan to destroy them for the sake of their for-
tune, when one day she received a note from the young gentleman.


" Dear Madam,?I have taken the opportunity of writing a few
lines to let you know that I have been thinking of what past be-
tween you and me the other day, about changing our situation but
I can by no means think of marrying a woman with three children
and you say. you have no other property but what is left to them,
were it not for that, I should have no objection to fulfil my pro-
mise, so no more at present from your sincere friend and well-
wisher,                                        J.B----r."

After this wicked wretch read this letter, she begun to ill-use
these poor fatherless and motherles children in an inhuman man-
ner, without any cause, and in a most shocking emaciated state,
locked them up in an old out house, determined to starve them to
death, reporting it about she sent them to a Boarding school in the
Country ; but after they had been three days and, three nights in
that deplorable situation, the Devil infused it into the heart of this
reprobate, to murder them. The hardened wretch thinking it
would be impossible to be discovered, she immediately seized a
large case knife, determined to put an end to their existance, but
when these poor innocent children saw the door open, they begun
to smile, and thought she was going to take them from that horri-
ble place of confinement, where they were almost perishing to,
death with hunger and cold, when the wicked wretch seized two of
these poor innocent babes with violence, and plunged the knife in-
to their tender bosoms; but it is happy to relate, that the poor boy
made his escape, and alarmed the next door neighbours, who im-
mediately ran to their assistance, but too late for the two poor
harmless babes who were lying in gores of blood too horrid for
description, and when this wretched woman found that she was
detected, and could not have her will of the other, she cut her own
throat, but the surgeon was iokmediately sent for, and by his aid
and assistance her life was saved, and is now in custody in a most
dangerous situation, but is hopen she will recover, and take the aw-
ful and just judgment of the law, which cannot but remain a last-
ing warning to the world at large.

Edinburgh, Printed for Alexander Turnbull, price one penny.

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Date of publication: 1824   shelfmark: F.3.a.14(18)
Broadside entitled 'Horrid Murder'
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