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Broadside entitled 'Sorrowful Lamentation'


An account of the Sorrowful Lamentation for
John Wilson, & Duncan Frazer 2 young
men, who are to be executed at Edinburgh, on
the 28th january 1824.

The above unfortunate men were tried and condemed at Edinburgh, the
for shop breaking, their behaviour has been most examplary, and pious, as may be
seen from the following effusions,

Though in a dismal cell we stay,
We think time passes swift away,      
We have not long to meditate,
Upon our fast-approachiag fate.

Our sorrows, and no tongue can tell,
for fear of death and fear of hell ;
Yet still through Christ, we hope to be
From all our misery set free.

Our sins, though they are mountains high
Yet still unto the Lord we'll cry,
That he may in this trying hour
Conviction send with might and power.

'O that our crimes may be forgive.
Before the gracions throne of heaven,
May mercy there appear in store
To save us when this life is o'er.

A few more hours our lives is o'er
And we on earth shall be no more,   
O may we pray, whilst here, we live,
That Jesus may our souls receive.

For when we leave this house of clay,
We caunot then repent and pray ;
All earthly things are then in vain,
And we are doom'd to bliss or pain.

All wicked ones we new do tell
To shun the road that leads to hell ;
For if they do not shortly mend,
They'll come to some untimely end.

If we had stopt in our career.
To death we had not been so near ;
We'd not been brought to public view,
For punishment and warning too.

O King of Glory, might, and pow'r.,
Salvation send in our last hour,
And grant that we may dwell with The
Throughout a blest eternity.

Dear couutrymen, a warning take,
And all your lawless crimes forsake;
At our untimely fate take heed,
For we uow rue each wickod deed.

This sad example keep in mind,
Of us, poor mortals, now confin'g,
And doom'd we are our death to see
Upon the fatal gallows tree.

From evil company refrain,
Contented be with honest gain,
And holy keep the Sabbath-day,
The laws of God and man obey.

But now no friends our lives can spare,
Therefore to die we must prepare,
And hope the Lord will lend an ear
To our last penitential pray'r.

Farewell relations, friends, and,
Forget our shameful end and fall ;
Let not the World in malice name
To you our faults, our end and shame,

Remember Lord, thy servants in distress.
O comfort us for we are comfortless,
Pardon our sins beiore this world we leave
That wear crown of glory; may receive.

At death our hearts are full of woe,
Our eyes like fountains overflow
With melting tears, and were afraid
To die before our peace is made.

Justice now has overtook us,
Stopt us in our wicked race,
Guilt and horror have pursued us,
Death now stares us in the face.

Judge of Judges, King of Glory,
O how dreadful is our fate,
Summon'd to appear before face
In this guilty, awful state,

Grievous sinners we have been,
Since thou, Lord, didst give us breath,
But for true repentance hope,
And mercy at the hour of death.

Oh! pow'r divine, our sins forgive
Thou'rt graeious, grace to us extend,
That when our flesh is turn'd to noughs,
Our life with thee. may know no end.

Edinburgh printed for the travelling booksellers.

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Date of publication: 1824   shelfmark: F.3.a.14(14)
Broadside entitled 'Sorrowful Lamentation'
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