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Broadside entitled 'Trial and Sentence'



and Sentence.

An account of the Trial and Sen-
tence of John Wilson and Duncan
Fraser, two young men belonging
to Edinburgh, who are to be Execu-
ted at Edinburgh, on Wednesday
the 28th, day of January, 1824.
for breaking into the Shop of James
Smyth. Taylor, St. Mary's Wynd

This day Monday Dec 22d 1823, came on before the High
Court of Justiciary, the trial of John Wilson and Ducan
Fraser, for breaking into the shop possessed by James Smyth
Taylor, situated in St, Mary's Wynd, by forcing out a pane
of glass in the window, by which they entered, and stole
away two new blue coloured short coats, one pair of silver
grey trowsers, one pair drab mole skin trowsers. one pair
corded jean trowsers, one green surtout, a black coat with
yellow gilt buttons, a boy's brown great coat, a black coat, 2
pairs of steel grey trowsers, and one pair of drab coloured
stripped Jean trowsers; on the 8th day of October last; they
were also proved to be both habit and repute thieves, by
the production of various sentences passed in the Court of
Police against them at former periods.

They pied both Guilty. The two prisoners appeared very
confident when they were brought into court, and by their
appearance seemed not to be the least intimidated : but as
the proceedings were going on they paid more serious atten-

After some observations from the Public Prosecutor, a
verdict of guilty in terms of their own confession was brought
in against them.

The Lord Justice Clerk addressed the prisoners at consi-
derable length, giving them the most salutary advice as to
regulating their conduct for the short remaining period of
their lives. He then passed the awful sentence of the law;
which was that they are to be executed at the common place
of execution, head of Libertons Wynd, Edinburgh, on Wed-
nesday the 28th of January next.

The prisoners are two young men, the one seemingly about
18 years old, and the other 20. When sentence WAS pro-
nounced against them, they were very much affected, they
shed tears plentifully.

It is hoped the youth of Edinburgh, who are walking in
the same wicked career, commencing with small crimes,
which soon leads them on to greater, will take a timely
warning by the awful end which so soon awaits those two,
and the example and advice of the one who so lately suffered
will deter them from following a course which is sure to lead
them to an end untimely and shameful.


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Date of publication: 1824   shelfmark: F.3.a.14(7)
Broadside entitled 'Trial and Sentence'
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