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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Golden Glove'




There was a young squire in the north country we hear,
Was courting a Nobleman's daughter so dear,
Now, for to marry her, it was his intent,
All friends and relations did give their consent.

The time as appointed for the wedding day,
The Farmer was sorry to give her away;
Instead of being married she went to her bed,
And the thoughts of the Farmer still ran in her head.

A coat and blue trowsers this Lady put on,
And she's gone a hunting with her dog and her gun,
Oft times she fired but nothing she kill'd,
Till, at length the young Farmer enter'd the field.

To discourse with him it was her intent,
With her dog and her gun to meet him she went,
She say's was you not at the wedding last night,
To wait on the squire and to give him his bride ?

No?say's the farmer the truth I will tell,
I can't give her away for 1 love her too well,
O ! what if the Lady would grant you her love.
And the young squire your pain should prove,

Not so?said the Farmer I'll take sword in hand,
If valour will gain her right fearless I'll stand,
She gave him a glove filled with gold bright and strong,
She said that she found it as she came along.

As she was hunting with her dog and her gun;
She was pleased with what the Farmer had done,
The Lady went home with a heart full of love,
She gave out a speech that she had lost a glove.

The man that does find it and brings it to me,
That man I shall marry and his bride I shall be,   
I never will forsake him where'er he does go,
And I'll prove constant to him come mirth or come weo

The Farmer was pleased to hear of the news,
With a heart full of love to the Lady he goes
Says he honoured Lady I pick'd up your glove
If you will be pleased to grant me your love ?

My love's already granted the Lady replied,
I love the sweet breath of the Farmer she cried,
I'll be mistress of the dairy, and milking of the cows,
While my jolly young Farmer goes whistling at the plough

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1860   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(140b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Golden Glove'
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